Technologies (Computers, Softwares and other)

Timeline created by cysbando
  • The first time that I saw a computer.

    The operational system was DOS, but, the typewriter machine was still in use.
  • Period: to

    I worked at USP

  • I learnt how to use Windows 3.0

    The operational system changed. This was the begining of the Microsoft's reign at USP.
  • The internet started working in the office

    The world started to have no boundaries.
  • E-mail

    I ve got my first professional eletronic mail.
    We could never imagine that the distance between people would be so close and the information would be so fast.
  • Pager or beeper

    I bought a pager/beeper and it worked! but not for a long time because the service was not so good and the mobile phone started appear
  • Period: to

    I used a beeper or pager

  • Period: to

    I have been working at SBBq

  • My First Mobile Phone

    Nokia 5110I bought a Nokia 5110.
    I had other mobile phones until smartphones arrived
  • Regular Mail

    I still sent a letter by regular mail to my friends from Sweden, Japan and England. This friends I knew during my time in England.
  • We changed Access by SQL

  • I bought a PC

  • We definitely stopped using a typewriter machine

  • Orkut

    The virtual world was unknow. With orkut I discovered the how many possibilities I had through the internet.
  • Digital Camera

    I bought to SBBq a digital camera: Cannon, 5 mg pixel! and SD card with 512 mb!
  • Facebook

    Cynthia Bando FacebookThe world started to be small
  • I started to use Linux (Operational System)

  • We changed from slide projector to powerpoint presentation

  • I bought my netbook

  • I started to use a smartphone

  • I bought a tablet

  • A life without internet

    I don't know what is a life without internet!