Communications Technology Timeline

  • Period: Jan 2, 1000 to


  • Sep 21, 1000

    Cuneiform Writing 3500 BC

    Cuneiform Writing 3500 BC
    3500 BC - The Sumerians develop cuneiform writing which was pictographs of accounts written on clay tablets.
    The Egyptians develop hieroglyphic writing.
  • Sep 22, 1000

    Papyrus Paper invented 170 BC

    Papyrus Paper invented 170 BC
    170 BC Papyrus rolls and early parchments made of dried reeds - first portable and light writing surfaces.
  • First visual/ Optical Line 1793

    Claude Chappe invents the first long-distance semaphore (visual or optical) telegraph line.
  • 1799 Rosetta Stone Discovered

    1799 Rosetta Stone Discovered
    The Rosetta Stone is discovered (we qre now able to decypher hieroglyphs) Champollion later decyphers the Rosetta Stone
  • 1837 Electric Telegraph

    1837 Electric Telegraph
    1837 Electric Telegraph Invented
  • The earliest Keyboard invented

    1845 Samuel Morse invents the keyboard.
  • 1877 Tin Foil Phonograph

    1877 Tin Foil Phonograph
    1877 Thomas Edison and John Kreusi develop a tin foil phonograph.
  • Cameras available for sale

    Cameras available for sale
    1888 George Eastman markets his Kodak Camera Number 1 and sells 2500 at $25.00 each.
  • 1894 First Motion Picture theatre

    1894 Thomas Edison opens the first motion picture theater (a 'peep" show) in New York City on Broadway. The cost is 5 cents per show.
  • 1895 First sound movies

    1895 Thomas Edison creates the first sound movies (unsynchronized).
  • Radio Stations in the US

    1921 The USA has 8 commercial radio stations.
  • Live Television created

    1927 AT&T Labs transmits live television.
  • The Z1 computer

    The Z1 computer
    1936 Konrad Zuse builds the Z1 computer. It has keyboard input, mechanical switches, and stores its own programs.
  • First FM radio broadcasting

    1941 First FM radio broadcasting.
  • The first Electronic telephone answering machine

    1950 Bell Labs and Western Electric create the first telephone answering machine
  • First Color Television broadcast

    First Color Television broadcast
    First commercial color television broadcast (CBS).
  • First floppy disk

    First floppy disk
    The flexible memory discs are first developed.
  • IBM 650

    The IBM 650 is the first mass-produced computer.
  • First Color TV

    First Color TV
    The first Color Television sets are available.
  • Bank Of America starts coming up with better security.

    The Bank of America is the first bank to use magnetic ink on checks to process them more efficiently.
  • First RAM is produced

    The first Random Access Memory (RAM) hips are produced at Intel.
  • First Laser Printer is Invented

    First Laser Printer is Invented
    The Laser Printer is developed.
  • Pong invented

    Pong invented
    The PONG video game is an overnight success
  • Apple Created

    Apple Computer is founded.
  • Videodiscs created

    Videodiscs created
    The first videodiscs hit the market.
  • Walkman created

    Walkman created
    Sony introduces the Walkman.
  • Walkman invented

    Sony introduces the Walkman
  • First Fiber Optic phoneline was used

    1983 AT&T uses the first fiber optic phoneline.
  • IBM released

    IBM PC AT released.
  • Cd sales go up, Vynl goes down

    The death of records: CD player sales surpass turntables.
  • Start of Desktop Publishing

    Apple introduces the LaserWriter laser printer which includes Adobe's PostScript language inside. At the same time, Aldus introduces PageMaker (the first page layout application). Desktop Publishing is born.
  • Internet is growing....

    1993 Internet consists of more than 1.8 million computers.
  • Craigslist first comes about

    Craigslist, created by Craig Newmark becomes online service in San Francisco.
  • Dial up Services start to emerge

    America Online, CompuServe, and Prodigy begin offering dial-up internet service.
  • Google founded

    Larry Page and Sergey Brin found Google while at Stanford.
  • Y2K

    Computer glitch, Y2K, expected with new millennium.
  • Google begins selling advertisements

    Google begins selling advertisements based on search words.
  • First iPod created and launched

    First iPod created and launched
    First model, with mechanical scroll wheel. Started at 5GB, then 10 GB model released later.
  • Myspace created

    Myspace created
    MySpace is created by eUniverse employees; sold to News Corporation in 2005 for $580 million.
  • Mark Zuckerberg Launches Facebook

    Mark Zuckerberg Launches Facebook
    Facebook is launched
  • Youtube luanched

    Youtube is launched; sold to Google a year later for $1.65 billion.
  • Wii launches

    Wii launches
    Wii launches and hits stores worldwide. People are now able to play videogames, stream videos, chat and surf the web all in one place
  • android vs. iPhone

    android vs. iPhone
    Adroid phones such as T-Mobiles G1 are debuted, but do not reach numbers with sales as high as the iPhone.
  • GPS devices are created

    GPS devices are created
    GPS devices are now seen in phones and bought as a necessity in automobiles.