communication timeline

  • the fisrt celulare divice

    yes Feb 31 was the first thought axacly thought of a cell phone and at 4:31 axact time
  • the evalvation of phones

    phones have evalved over time in the last 15 years.
  • the rich

    only throgh this time was really wealthy kids and peaple with phones 1946-1988
  • phones!

    every teenager wonted a phone
  • the rage of phones

    backe then phones werent good at all for the planet and many people dident like it
  • phones

    phones where begining to become popular to the average humman
  • the next step

    many phone componies cam out with these huge wirless that were like 10 inches long.
  • out brake

    Over 47 percent of teenagers in the United States say their social life would end without their cell phone, and 57 percent say their
  • the smart phone

    this was a huge invention in the united state histrory and the tecnology
  • not good

    Cell phones contain multiple substances that are poisonous or harmful to the environment
  • newtecnology

    New cell phone batteries are being produced without the use of cadmium for this reason. Lead is used to solder parts of the cell phone together and affects the immune and endocrine systems
  • the cell phone

    the cell phone has evolve over time as like been beter in range and performence .
  • i phone

    was a huge market industrie
  • habbits

    Using a cell phone while driving results in the same decreased reaction time as having a .08 blood alcohol level
  • cell phone

    in the early two thousends and late 19 hunderds phones began to be smaller and beter tecnology
  • the serching web smart phone

    these mad a huge outbreak wee every one wonted one
  • phones

    i phones make smart phones