Columbus Not Discovering America - the full story

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  • Aug 3, 1492

    Columbus gets Lost at Sea

    The Queen grants Columbus permission to go on a voyage to find new land beyond Spain. As soon as Columbus leaves, his crew has to start eating the fruit so it doesnt go bad and they can get their nutrients before they are unable to. In the next week and a half after that Columbus and his crew are in the worst situation possible, they are running out of food, and the necessary nutrients to survive; worst of all, they are in shark-infested waters.
  • Mar 11, 1493

    A Diiferent Misson

    The Chinese (who in history discovered America first) go on another expediton because they are getting a bit crowded and they want to claim new land where they can send other families to live. Some families were happy about this if they could find new land, others weren't too fond of the idea because starting their lives over didn't sound too appeasing. Despite anyone's opinions, the government sent out 2 ships to find new land where they could help "de-congest" China.
  • Oct 14, 1493

    Columbus hasn't returned from his voyage

    The Queen sends out ships to look for Columbus and his crew, and they cannot find him so they come back at the risk of freezing to death at sea.Other voyagers became discouraged, and the families of those voyagers would beg them not to go with the risk of dying at sea.
  • Feb 9, 1495

    A New Life?

    China has found new land (present-day america) that they think is perfect for their plan. The only problem are the Native Americans and the Pilgrims because they are afraid they won't abide to the way of life under the government. At this time in China, riots are starting rebeling against moving to a place completely alien to families that have lived in China for generations.
  • Dec 2, 1495

    An Un-unified Country

    The rebelling groups are getting bigger and harder to control due to the "de-congestion" beginning. Families being torn apart, friends that you'll never see again, and not seeing the people you would usually see outside in the marketplace.
  • Apr 29, 1496

    Both Sides Unhappy

    Not only are most of the people of China not happy with the decision to "relieve" China from its overpopulated state but the land they "found", the natives are not getting along with their new neighbors. The natives are taking matters in their own hands because they don't want to abide to the Chinese Governments rules.Even with both sides unhappy, the government decides to go on according to plan, except anyone who disagrees by violence will be arrested.
  • Dec 21, 1496

    The Government Slowly Loosing their Grip

    On the land that the Chinese Government "founded", they are slowly loosing their grip on control; the citizens that were moved to present-day America have joined forces with the Natives to rebel against the government. Knowing this, the government decides to threaten to make their families back home suffer by slowly taking away essential things such as their homes.
  • Dec 6, 1497

    Loyal and Disloyal Soldiers

    The government's military has turned on them because their families have been moved away and the soldiers are angered by this. To rebel, they give the captains permission to bring back some of the families but at their own risk of being shot by a soldier still loyal to the government. While in present-day America, the people that have been torn away from their families have decided to abide by the governments rules to keep their family back home safe.
  • Oct 17, 1498

    Government has No Control

    Ships have started to bring back families but hiding their arrival so they are able to stay in China. The government has lost control and are using forceful tactics to restore order. At this point in time China is basically in a civil war over the original plan to "de-congest" China.
  • Jul 6, 1499


    The government has been overthrown! The people of China rejoice over getting their families back together. Present-day America is at peace because they are now free to follow their own leader.