Colorado Industries

  • Mining in the 1800s

    Mining in the 1800s
    the goods provided were the gold and the silver minig brougthmany people and buissnuss to colorado and made it a state. the mining indesry is in colorado becsuse there are many places you can find gold. hte natural resorces neede were rocks, water and metals. the capital resores are miners , axes, carts, shovels, hand drill and pan.
  • Manufacting

    Some goods were the otter box . the capital resores are people to make the otter boxes the impact was that people could talk from far away without walking or travling.Ther was good service and more otter boxes in colorado. Telephone boxes and people to make the Otter boxes.
  • Cattle and sheep

    Cattle and sheep
    The services pervided were money for trading the cattle and sheep for other things like fur and food. Cattle and sheep only began a singificant Impact on transpertation into the region with arivall of the rail roads. The Colorado platueary has been the widespred inerdoution of demestic livestock. The resources needed were dogs to roundup sheep, good cattle to sell,people to shave the sheep.cowboys, people to buy the cattle and sheep, land, water , hey.
  • Beverges

    The goods provided were beer for people to drink. the resons they came to colorado becuse of the good water and becuse colorado was a steat. beer.the resorses needed were.barley, water, weats ,people to make beer.
  • Agriculture

    Some goods were crops , fruit , and wheat . they wanted people to have helthy food. there were lots of good farming in colorado.Farmers ,plowers, seeds , good whether . the sun, ranches, good land, water,
  • Livestock

    Some goods provided were food and fur for tipis and clothing.The impact wasthat people needed food clothing and shelter. They came to Colorado becuse there were a huge amount of lives stock in Colorado. guns,pistols, powder, skills,to shot ,time
  • Tourisom

    The goods provided were shigths for the people to enjoy and see. People would have something to do and see. They came to colorado becuse of the beutyful shigths . good places to see, tranpertation, hikeing expirance.
  • Denver Broncos

    Denver Broncos
    the service provided was that people wolud have intretanment. the total industrial output or econome impact was couculated at 117,801,500. becuse the Denver broncos were in Colorado. Helmets,uniforms, shoes, grass , good whether.
  • Mining today

    Mining today
    People so they can have there own gold and chash it in for money or just keep it. the impact was people back then really wanted gold so some got some.The reseon is that there is alot of miners are here. shovels hammers hardhats flash litghs buckets.