colorado in the 20th centery

  • mining

    the sefice is to have a town and gold,people. the found over 7.3 oncis of gold people heard about the gold rush and came and built A town.
  • Denver zoo

    a lot of people come to see all the natuar and to get to see the what the nature that we dont have here we get to see stuff like kola bears, and stuff from all sorts of sorts of stuff from other states and contrys
  • Denver Museum Of Colorado

    the wild life of the denver museum can show that there was a lot of stuff back then but know a lota of stuff is igstincked so you can only see them in the museum like the wullymamuth and the impact is to have a good time to see what is now in the museum and the indiin cultur and to show colorado the good of the 1800 and 1900 the animals back then where very interesting so a lot of people like to go and see that stuff there
  • Rocky montain nation park

    Rocky montain nation park
    the rocky mountain park came to the Colorado for camping,touring and school fild trips, they get thousands of people every year. they came to colorado because to give a chance to people to explore the open and get to see wildlife. reacorsece needed are workers, costumers, food, and ofcorse wildlife.
  • Colorado State Universitey

    Colorado State Universitey
    an edication to learn to have a job the impact si they would have thousandans of students and a big school and the reason for comeing to colorado is to get a digree and have a lot of good jobs the reasorses needed are the studens teachers bilding and books

    colorado avalanch is a serviices for intertanment the impack is toprovide use with jobs finanual aid and money. reason for coming to colorado is to give intertainment to alot of hocky fans to see.reacorse needed are skates ice hockey fans gear helmet hockey stick +puck fans and transpertation
  • otter box

    otter box
    the good is for people who have a phone to have a case
    to protecked the phone a lot of prople buy it and the otter box company gets a lot of money plastick people mutions boxes
  • Denver Aqarum

    the reason they come to the aquarium to see fish that are in the sea and there are some interesting fish in the sea the impact is to have a good time top have a good time to see very cool stuff the reason for coming to colorado is to show is to see what peolpe see in the ocean.the resorses needed are fish, water,fishtanks,workers,bildings and costomers