Colorado History Timeline

  • Fur Trapping

    Fur Trapping
    The first real buisness in Colorado.The goods and services provided are:Beaver pelts,Castoreum,hats.Trapping brought people to Colorado, it was also the beggining of other industries. Beaver was the most wanted animal and there were a ton in colorado,so people came to Cclorado.
  • Transportation

    Transportation was big in Colorado.The gooods and services provided were:Transportation brought people places and brought supplies.People came to CO because they wanted to try out new modes of transportation.They also came here because there are trains to travel faster and to different places.
  • Early Mining

    Early Mining
    The goods and services provided are:Gold,silver, and coal.More people came to CO -Enough for it to become a state.People here came to start a new life,mining related buisnesses, and to start a town.
  • Farming/Agriculture

    The goods and services provided are:Open land,crops,meat, and dairy.More people became CO farmers because of the great supplies.CO has lots of open land and great water for farming.
  • Beer industry

    Beer industry
    The goods and services provided are: beer,beverages,and jobs. People began to own more beer bars in Colorado because of its spring fresh mountain water.
  • Denver mint

    Denver mint
    The goods and services provided are:paper,copper,ink,and coins. The Denver Mint provides jobs.The Denver Mint came to Colorado because there are lots of open spaces to put such a big building like the Denver Mint.
  • Manufacturing

    The goods and services provided are:metal,wood,machines,and transportation.People started getting more and more jobs in the manufacturing buisness.
  • Tourism

    The goods and services provided are:Mountains,ski slopes,parks, hiking,rafting, and nice land forms to have fun.Many more people came to CO to see the beautiful mountains and historical towns. The reason that so many people came to CO was that there were skiing oppurtunities,snow sports, CSU, and fantastic scenery.
  • Mining today

    Mining today
    The goods and services provided are:Oil,coal,natural gas,gold, silver,uranium,molybdenum,and gems.Colorado has good mining recources so more people came to CO to start a mining buisness.