Colonies Rebel

By lmfarm
  • Albany Plan of Union

    Benjamin Franklin proposed this plan in response to French attacks. Colonies rejected plan because it gave too much power to an assembly mande up of representitaves from 13 colonies
  • Frech and Indian War

    started as a struggle between the French and British over land in Pennsylivania.
  • Gearge III became King

    He was determined to deal firmly with the American colonies. King levied taxes on tea,sugar,glass,paper,and other products
  • stamp Act

    Imposed the first direct tax on colonists it required them to pay a tax on legal documents, pamphets , newspapers,and even dice and playing cards
  • Stamp Act Congres

    This was the first mietting organized by the colonist to protest King's George Actions
  • Boston Tea Party

    Group of colonists , dressed as indians, dumped 342 chests od british tea into the harbor.
  • Coercive Acts

    Known as the intolerable acts, closed the Boston harbor withdrew massachustes right to gorvern themselves
  • Committes of Correspondence

    organizations urging for resistence against british. consisted of colonists who wanted to keep in touch as events unfolded
  • First Continental Congress

    The delgates debated what to do about the relationship with Great Britian.
  • Lexiton and Concord

    Redcoats clashed with the colonial minute men. The skirmish was the first battle of the Revolutionary SWar
  • Second Continental Congress

    They Assumed the powers of a central government. John Hancock of MA as President. Washington as leader of the Army
  • Resolution of Independence

    Richard Henry Lee of Virginia did declare independence. Lee introduced a resolution in the Continental Congress
  • Declartion of Independence

    On this date the final draft was proposed and accepted. John Hancock was the first to sign with 55 to follow