Colonial History of Australia

By chapple
  • willem jansz (dutch explore)

  • Captain Cook

  • first fleet

    1788 under a contract with George Mackenzie McCaulay, an alderman of the City of London, to go to the "North West Coast of America to Trade for furrs & after that to proceed to China & barter the Furrs &ca for Teas or other such Goods..."[15] Her owners, Timothy and William Curtis (merchants and, in William’s case, like McCaulay, a London alderman), had obtained a license to sail to the North West coast from the South Sea Company, which still maintained its ancient monopoly rights over British t
  • NSW counoil

  • gold discovered

    gold was find in california 1848
  • californian gold rush

    californian gold.Many Australians sailed fer California
  • edward hargraves

    edward hargraves gold at ophir
  • arriving from overseas

  • QLD colony

  • st helena island commenced as penal colony

  • boggo road jail opened

  • federation