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College History II

  • End of Civil War

    End of Civil War
    Lee surrenders at Appomattox Court House
  • Licoln's Assasination

    Licoln's Assasination
    Lincoln shot while watching My American Cousin at Ford's Theater
  • Slavery Outlawed

    Slavery Outlawed
    Slavery is outlawed with the passing of the 13th Amendment
  • KKK founded

    KKK founded
    KKK is foundedand ends up being a White Supremecy Organization
  • Impeachment of Andrew Johnson

    Impeachment of Andrew Johnson
    The impeachment of Andrew Johnson was aqquitted by Senate
  • Grant Inagurated

    Grant Inagurated
    Grant's first Inaguartion to be president
  • First Transcontinental Railroad Finished

    First Transcontinental Railroad Finished
    Railroad extends from one end of the country to the other
  • Enforcement Acts

    Enforcement Acts
    Criminal codes which protected African-Americans’ right to vote, to hold office, to serve on juries, and receive equal protection of laws.
  • Great Chicago Fire

    Great Chicago Fire
    One of the largest disaters in the 19th Century. Destroyed 3.3 square miles of Chicago and killed 300 people.
  • Credit Mobilier

    Credit Mobilier
    Union Pacific Railroad Company creates Credit Mobilier construction company and creates a monopoly.
  • Presidential Election

    Presidential Election
    Grant vs. Greeley. Greeley dies before results are final. People that voted for Greenley voted for others. Grant wins.
  • Panic of 1873

    Panic of 1873
    Financial Crisis that lasted until 1879. The main cause was all the money being out into the railroad
  • Civil Rights Act of 1875

    Civil Rights Act of 1875
    Another Enforcement Act that guaranteed blacks equal treatment as whites in public places. Deemed unconstitutional in 1883
  • Battle of Little Bighorn

    Battle of Little Bighorn
    Battle between the Native Americans and the US Army. The Native Americans won the battle. It was fought so that the Native Americans wouldn't have to live on reservations.
  • Presidential Election

    Presidential Election
    This election was between Rutherford B. Hayes and Samuel J. Tilden. It ended with 20 disputed electoral votes. After deciding the disputes vote, Hayes wins.
  • Thomas Edison creates the first functioning lightbulb

    Thomas Edison creates the first functioning lightbulb
    He did not create the first lightbulb, but the first one that fuctioned for an extended period of time.
  • Clara Barton creates Red Cross in America

    Clara Barton creates Red Cross in America
    After doing work with missing, injured, and killed soldiers and thier families, Barton traveled to Switzerland where she was introduced to Red Cross. She was selected to be the American representative. They held their first official meeting on this date.
  • Cleveland battles for lower tariffs

    Cleveland battles for lower tariffs
    Cleveland tried to find a way to lower the high tariffs from the Civil War.
  • Blaine and the Mudslingers

    Blaine and the Mudslingers
    People against Blaine found letters connecting him to a corrupt deal involving federal favorsto a southern railroad. Blaine denied the accusations.
  • Sherman Silver Purchase Act of 1890

    Sherman Silver Purchase Act of 1890
    Stopped the bleeding away of gold by repealing this act.