• Jan 1, 1493

    Orniphotor Flying helicopter

    Orniphotor Flying helicopter
    The ornithopter flying machine was never actually created. It was a design that Leonardo DaVinci made to show how man could fly.
  • Orville and Wilbur wright

    Orville and Wilbur wright
    By Friday 17 December 1903, the Flyer was fixed, and at 10h35, Orville made the first powered flight. It lasted 12 seconds. Wilbur made the second flight, which lasted less than a second longer than the first.
  • The first metal airplane

    The first metal airplane
    In 1915 he designed the world's first all-metal plane, the Junkers D-I. His ideas were too advanced for his time, and it did not begin production until 1918. He also produced the Junkers CL-I, the best German ground attack plane of the war.
  • Airplane to space

    Airplane to space
    Microsoft Corp. co-founder Paul Allen and aerospace pioneer Burt Rutan are building the world's biggest plane to help launch cargo and astronauts into space, in the latest of several ventures fueled by technology tycoons clamoring to write America's next chapter in spaceflight.