Clifford Olson

By sarahW
  • First vitim

    This was Clifford's first victim, A 12 year old girl who he stranlged and stabbed.
    Christine Weller
  • Following offences

    These victims were found a year after his first offence, and were all abducted and murdered. They were all found at different times through out the year, starting in April.
    Colleen Marian Daignault, Daryn Todd Johnsrude, Sandra Wolfsteiner, Ada Anita
  • More victims

    6 more victims were found in July of the same year, all killed in the same way.
    Simon Partington, Judy Kozma, Raymond King Jr, Sigrun Arnd, Terri Lyn Carson, Louise Chartrand
  • Charged

    Olson was first charged on this day for the murder of Judy Kozma. He had a great history of criminal offences
  • Confession

    Olson confessed to the 11 murders and showed police where the bodies were.
  • Conviction

    Olson was given 11 separate life sentences for each murder and was held in the highest security prison in Canada.
  • Parole

    Olson was denied parole after 15 years in prison and will most likely never get out.
    He was also denied parole on July 18, 2006 and November 10, 2010.