• Sep 15, 1400

    Europeans Branch Out

    In the early 1400's people in Europe began to look to the seas and beyond. Some longed for adventure. Other people wanted to spread Christanity far and wide.
  • Sep 18, 1492

    Columbus First Expedition

    Columbus led his first expedition westward. He had landed in the Bahamas. He Had Believed that the Bahamas was close to Asia . Later on a mapmaker labled is continet America as the New World Amerigo Vespuuci The Name New World Stuck.
  • Sep 16, 1497


    Portugease explorer Vasco da Gama found such a route and sailed it to India.
  • Sep 17, 1497

    The Northwest Passge

    John Cabot was a european with many ideas. King Henry VII sent John Cabot on a voyage to the west. Cabot ahd landed on the far northern Alantic Coast of North America Or the New World. The Europeans think the island that John had landed on the NewFoundLand.
  • Sep 17, 1498


    Christaphor Columbus thouaht Asia could be reached by sailing west from Europe. Columbus Covinced the king and queen of spain.
  • Sep 21, 1500

    Spanish Exploration

    Spain had claimed the pwerful lands of the New World. in the ealry 1500's Spain wa controlling much if the South and Central Amereica many of the Carribean, including Cuba and Hispaniola.
  • Sep 22, 1508

    Juan de Leon

    Was a spanish offical in the New World. in 1508-1509 he explored and settlesd the island of Pureto Rico. King ferdinad authorized Ponce de Leon to explore lands North of Cuba.
  • Sep 23, 1513

    More of the Spanish Exploration

    Ponce De Leon sailed out with ships and his crews. His Expedition landed on the east coast of Florida. Ponce De Leon is a spanish name meaning flowers. They sailed down the west coast of florida for about 100 miles.
  • Sep 23, 1520

    Spaniards Come to North Carolina

    Lucas Vasquez De Ayllon He had seen some of the Alantic Coast line of this region on an Expedition in 1520. Ayllon intended to plant a strong colony for spain.
  • Sep 20, 1524

    Verrazano Expedition

    King Francis I of France Sent Italian navigator Giovanni da Verrazano westward. When he was crossing the narrow islands he thought he saw the pacifixc Ocean. Verranzano then explored farther up north. The French ing had now occupied with the military challenges. The French king did not sponser any more of the voyages
  • Sep 29, 1524

    St. Augustine

    In 1565 Spain sent troops under Pedro Menedez Laudonnieie to Florida.He had captutred For Carolina anf Killed mlost of the French defenders.Menedez built Forts througout Florida to sterngthen Spain Grip.Augustine was the the oldest european in the group.
  • Sep 24, 1526

    Rio Jordan Colony

    In July Ayllon led a group of 500 men women and children to the river he called Jordan. Disease and Starvation overwhelmed the setllers.
  • Sep 16, 1539

    De Sotos Expedition

    Hernando De Soto sailed with a milatry from Huvana Cuba. Soto's stayed in the wint in 1539-1940. Later on they had met Cherokee Indians which had treated them with Generosity. Members fo the expedition travled south anf west De Soto had died on that trip but most of his men had made it back to Mexico
  • Sep 16, 1562

    Port Royal

    Ribault attempted to settle near present day Port Royal. In Apirl 1562. In His report to france told why the colonists had chosen Poert Royal
  • Sep 24, 1562

    France and Spain Fight For Land

    France sent a colony under the command of Jean Ribault to North America. The colonists were Huguenots or the french protestants. Protestants were perscuted in Catholic France.
  • Nov 28, 1569

    More of the Spanish Expeditiot

    In 1566 a expedition was set out for Chespake bay to set up Catholic Mission. Mission is a settlement designed to convert peopel to a particular Religion.Pedro De coronas was the leaderr of the expeditio n they had to mark their landing by placing a wooden cross on the shore.