civil war why/how

  • Period: to

    pre civil war

  • Nat Turners rebellion

    A slave rebelion started by Nat Turner. 57 white people killed mostly women and children. in result over 200 slaves killed
  • compromise of 1850

    california is a free state this angers the south
  • Hariot Breecher Stowe publishes uncle toms cabin

    showed north the horror of slavery
  • Kansas Nebraska act

    created Kansas and Nebraska both states would be able to decide if slavery was allowed or not
  • violence in Kansas (bleeding Kansas)

    fights between proslavery and anislavery factions become known as bleeding Kansas
  • dred scott case

    supreme court ruled that slaves were property and could never become a citizen of the united states
  • harpers ferry

    john brown attacks a southern armory hoping slaves will rise and join his cause not one slave joins him and he is killed with his sons
  • henry peapeating rifle invented

    revolutionary gun allows multiple rounds to fired without reloading. the gun was considered to weak for military isue but some people used the weapon with great success
  • loincoln elected president

    south hates linolns ideals pushing them closer to secesion
  • south secedes

    Mississippi secedes followed by other southern states
  • south greates government

    south creates their own government electing Jefferson Davis as provisoinal president
  • Lincoln inaugurated

    south hates linolns ideals pushing them closer to secesion
  • Attack on fort Sumter

    fort sumter attacked by south. attack starts at 4:30 in the morning
  • Period: to

    civil war

  • Robert E. Lee declines comand of union army

    Lee declines comand three days after viginia secedes from the union. Lee is again slavery but is a virginia native and stays loyal to his state.
  • four more states join the Confederacy

  • Battle of Bullrun

  • davis officialy elected president

  • iron clad ship battle

    first every battle between two iron clad ships. this compleatly changes the war and how navys fight forever
  • battle of shiloh

  • Robert E. Lee asumes comand of confederate army

  • pacific railroad and telegraph act

    grant lands for constuction of railroads and telegraph lines
  • malita act

    granted blacks to fight
  • battle of antietam

    bloodiest single day in american history to date
  • gattling gun invented

    created by a doctor after seeing the casulty numbers hebuilt a gun with 6 barrels allowing a group of three men to fire at the rate of 100 men.
  • emancipaton proclamation

    finally stated that the war was about slavery. it gave the north new moral to fight.
  • battle of gettysburg

    most deaths in single battle through the entire war
  • Gettysburg address

  • confederate troops aproach washington D.C.

  • lincoln re-elected

  • shermans march to the sea

    use of total war tactics to destroy southern land and property. crushes southern moral
  • peace coference

    the coference failed and the war continued
  • battle of appomattox

    lee surrenders to union forces