Civil War Timeline Mikaela Del Rossi

  • The Civil War Begins (April 12,1861)

    The South attacks Fort Sumter(South Carolina) and the war begins
  • Union Blockage (April 19,1896)

    When Lincoln tells everyone there is an Union Blockage , when the Navy will keep from anyone leaving or entering the confederacy
  • First Battle of Bull Run (July 21,1861)

    Union and Confederate Armies fight against one another in Manassas Junction, Virginia
  • The Battle of Shiloh(April 6,1862)

    Bloodist Battle in American History
  • Second Battle of Bull Run (August 29,1862)

    ¨It was the culmination of the Northern Virginia Campaign waged by Confederate Gen.¨
  • Battle of Antietam (September 17,1862)

    where 23,000 soldiers were killed, wounded or missing after twelve hours. The Battle of Antietam also ended the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia's first invasion into the North
  • The Battle of Fredericksburg (December 11,1862)

    Bloody engagement of the American Civil War fought at Fredericksburg, Virginia, between Union forces under Maj. Gen. Ambrose
  • Emancipation Proclamation(January 1st,1863)

    ¨President Lincoln issues an executive order freeing many slaves and laying the groundwork for the Thirteenth Amendment.¨
  • The Battle of Gettysburg (July 1,1863)

    major battle where the Northwins the battle, and starts to win the Civil War.
  • Battle of Cold Harbor(May 31,1864)

    disastrous defeat for the Union Army during the American Civil War (1861–65) that caused some 18,000 casualties.
  • Sherman Captures Atlanta(September 2nd, 1864)

    when the general captures the city of Atlanta, Georgia
  • The Civil War Ends (April 9, 1865)

    Reconstruction starts to happen