civil war timeline

  • lincon elected

    aberaham lincon was elected
  • Period: to


  • TX Secedes from Union

    texas left the U.S. for the confedereetes states of america
  • houston gets kicked out of office

    sam houston was kicked out of office for not going for texas to leave the U.S.
  • battle of fort sumter

    1st battle of the civil war this was a confederette victory the union troops surenderd
  • battle of galvaston

    2nd battle of th civil warthis was a confedette victory even know they had less troops
  • battle of gettisburg

    the union won the battle of gettiesburg despite the losses of men
  • battle of sbine pass

    this was a battle was won by the confedderetes and the blockade of the sabine river was over
  • red river campain

    the union invaded the red river
  • end of the civil war

    the confederetes surenderd
  • battle of palimino ranch

  • june tenth

  • reconstruction ends

    they finish rebuliding