Civil War Timeline

  • The Iron Giants

    The Iron Giants
    The Iron Giants were ships covered in iron. The South built them because they couldn’t move any of their ships. They built them out of railroad tracks,and abandoned ships. They used the ship so that they can sink the Union ships. The Union makes their own and they fought for days.
  • The Emancipation Proclamation

    The Emancipation Proclamation
  • Gettysburg

  • Battle of Atlanta

    Battle of Atlanta
    The Battle of Atlanta was the last battle of the Civil War. Sherman the commander at the time had just declared total war on the Confederacy. They started this battle by bombing Atlanta. Then they wrecked their railroads stopping supplies from coming into Atlanta. This battle ended they burned down Atlanta and Hampton.
  • Appromattox Courthouse

    Appromattox Courthouse
    Appromattox was the city where Lee surrendered to the Union. Lee’s terms of surrender was for all the officers to keep their weapons, that the soldiers go gom home (if they stopped fighting), and that the men could keep their horses and mules for farming. In return, Grant commanded that supplies be sent to the men, This concluded the Civil War on May 9th, 1865