Civil war Timeline

By ysarao
  • Lincoln is elected

    President Abraham Lincoln is elected
  • South Carolina secedes

    South Carolina secedes from the north to create their own separate country.
  • South creates goverment

    South creates theri own goverment separate from the norths.
  • Triger of the Civil War

    The south attacked the north because they were trying to bring supplies to there fort, fort sumter. The south thopugh this was an act of war and they attacked.
  • West virginia is born

    West Virginia separates from vriginia and becomes its own state.
  • Blockade is created

    A blockade is created wich is the first step in the anacoda plan. This was the norths plan to win the civil war in three weeks.
  • battle Of Bull Run

  • Antietam

  • The Emancipation Proclamation

    This is a document that basiclly says that all slaves are free.
  • Shermans march to the sea

  • Lee surrenderes at Appottomax Courthouse