Civil War Timeline

  • Attack Of Fort Sumpter

    Attack Of Fort Sumpter
    It became the first crisis of the administration of President Abraham Lincoln.
  • First Battle of bull run

    First Battle of bull run
    They expected it to be an early end to the rebellion.
  • West virginia becomes a state

    West virginia becomes a state
    The U.S. government became a state two years later.
  • Trent Affair

    Trent Affair
    The Union intercepted the British mail and removed two confederate diplomats.
  • Battle of Pea Ridge

    Battle of Pea Ridge
    The confederates outnumbered the Union.
  • Battle of Shiloh

    Battle of Shiloh
    The confederates did a surprise attack on the union and achieved success on the first day but lost on the second.
  • Seven Days' Battle

    Seven Days' Battle
    The Confederates drove the Union out of Richmond.
  • Second Battle of Bull Run

    Second Battle of Bull Run
    A battle of much larger scale and numbers.
  • Battle of Antietam

    Battle of Antietam
    also known as the battle of sharpsburgh, first major battle of the civil war. also the most bloodiest battle at this time.
  • Emancipation Proclamation

    Emancipation Proclamation
    A document that set all of the slaves in the south free.
  • Battle of Fredericksburg

    Battle of Fredericksburg
    The union lost double the amount of the confederates.
  • Battle of Chancellorsville

    Battle of Chancellorsville
    The second bloodiest day of the Civil War
  • Siege of Vicksburg

    Siege of Vicksburg
    The Union drove the confederates across the Mississippi River
  • Battle of Gettysburg

    Battle of Gettysburg
    The battle with the largest number of casulties.
  • Battle of Chickamauga

    Battle of Chickamauga
    It was the most significant union defeat.
  • Gettysburg Address

    Gettysburg Address
    It's one of the greatest speeches in American history.
  • Battle of Cold Harbor

    Battle of Cold Harbor
    It's one of American History's bloodiest battle.
  • The siege of Petersburg

    The siege of Petersburg
    It was a classic siege.
  • Sherman's March to the sae

    Sherman's March to the sae
    The jouney began in Atlanta.
  • assassination of President Lincoln

    assassination of President Lincoln
    lincoln was killed on good friday. He was also the first president to be assassinated.