Civil war

Civil War Time Line Michael

  • Abraham linconl is nominated

    Abraham linconl is nominated
    On this date Abraham Lincoln was nominated as the president for the Republican party
  • presidential election of 1860

    presidential election of 1860
    In the presidential election of 1860 Abraham Lincoln won with 180 electorl votes and is now the Presitent of the United States of America.
  • South Carolina the frist to seceded from the Union

    South Carolina the frist to seceded from the Union
    After the election of 1860 the south had no elctorl votes for Lincoln but he still won and the south though the north was over powered so South Carolina seceded from the Union
  • Confederat States of America

    Confederat States of America
    At this time 7 other states have seceded from the Union yo from the Confederat States of America
  • Fefersons Davis is inogurated to the Confederacy

    Fefersons Davis is inogurated to the Confederacy
    Jefferson Davis was inagorated to the Confederate states of America as President
  • Lincoln is inagurated

    Lincoln is inagurated
    on this date the winner of the Presidential election Abraham Lincoln was inagurated to presidencey.
  • The start of the Civil War

    The start of the Civil War
    On this date the confederat forces wanted the federal toorps of Fort Sumpter to leve their fort in Chalson S.C. The troops of the fort did not surender and Lincoln still sent food to the troops. With this news the Confederats started firing on the fort starting the war.
  • First Battle of the Civil War

    First Battle of the Civil War
    The first battle of the civil war was the first battle of bullrun/manassas. At the time most of the Union teoops were fresh new reruts wile the Confederats were experienced toorps. The Battle ended with a Confederat win wich bosted moral for the South
  • iorn clade frist battle

    iorn clade frist battle
    This date was when the Confederates wanted to try to break the blokade with the iorn clad CSS Virginia. It destroyed two union war ships. Another iorn clad faceed it the USS Monitor battled the Virginia and were at a stale mate. The Vierginia later retreated ending the first battle of the iorn clads
  • The Battle of Shilo

    The Battle of Shilo
    on this date General Ulessys S. Grant march on south to Vickburg and made camp by the church of Shilo. He had set up no deffences around his troops and were ambushed in the night. Union renenforcements came the next day and were able to push back the Confederats.
  • Antietam

    Lee has decided to invad the north and split his army in half and the main federal army was following them. the two armys meet at Antietam. It was the bloodiest single day battle of the civil war.
  • Corinth

    In May the Union took the maine rail road and the city of Corint. The Confederates wanted to take it back. Earl Van Dorn lead 22,000 men to take it back. The Union pushed back the Confederates and put them in a full retreat.
  • Fredricksburg

    Ambrose Burnside was newly in comande of the army of the Potomack. He wanted confront Lee at fredricksburg with 120,000 men. Lee only had 80,000 men and was able to put a crushing deffet on the federal troops.
  • the battle of Gettysburg starts

    the battle of Gettysburg starts
    The battle of Gettysburg has begun and the Confederats are wing the battle on the frist day. but General Mead has taken the high grownd and s read for the next day.
  • final day of battle at Gettysburg

    final day of battle at Gettysburg
    with an unsecsesful second day of attacking the flanks. Lee figured an attack on the center would work. He sent General George Picket to lead the attack. the attack had 10,000 men to attack the front line but fail and they had no more men to attack thus ending the battle
  • Fort Wagner

    Fort Wagner
    This battle took place near Charlston and the Confederates were garisond in this fort. At dusk Robert Shaw led the 54th massichusits (an all African American group) charged at the fort but suffered hevy casulatiess and was forced to retreat. Although the Union did not sucseed in the charge it was the first time and all African American grope fought had a major battle.
  • Chattanooga,

    Braxton Bragg's troops went to seig chattanooga to cut off Union troops from their suply line. Ulessy S. Grant brok through the seig to make a new supply line and push back the Confederates.
  • Stones River

    Stones River
    William Rosecrans led 42,000 Union troops to face Braxton Bragg at Stones river. Bragg's men attacked frist and put heavy casulties on the federal toops. The Union still held their ground for a victory.
  • Wilderness

    Lee was to stop Grant from reaching Richmond and set his toorps to attack in the thikes part of the woods. Lee had a taktical victory over the Union but Grant made a flanking motion to the Court house to still march on to Richmond.
  • Cold Harbor

    Cold Harbor
    Lee's other foce that was 10 miles north of Richmond had toi stop Grants push to Richmond. Grant ordered a frontal asullt that the Confederates would brutaly repel back. Grant would move his froces to Petersburg toseig the major railway.
  • Petersburg

    The gratly out number General Lee had to defend this postion or Richmond would fall. He was able to hold off the union advance untill their suply line was cut off and evacuated the city.
  • Atlanta

    Sherman was making a relentles path of destuction twards atlanta. There were asults made by the Confederates but they have been pushed back. The battle was fought on july 22 and the city was completly taken on September.
  • Mobile Bay

    Mobile Bay
    Mobile Bay was the last major port the the rebles had so the Union navy tryed to take it to stop the blokade run aways. David Fargout led 18 ships into the port through hevy fire from the CSS tenncee and troped fire. They still went fowared taking the port but the city was still in control by the Rebles.
  • Appomattox

    After trying to defend the South from the Union Lee surenders to Grant at Appomattox court house
  • Assainating the President

    Assainating the President
    John Wilks Booth Assainates President Lincoln at Ford's Theater
  • Andrew Jonson

    Andrew Jonson
    After Lincol was assasinated Jonson becomes the 17th president
  • thirtenth amendment

    thirtenth amendment
    The Thirthenth Amendment was retified by 3/4ths of the states which makes Slavery Ilegal.
  • Ku Klux Klan

    Ku Klux Klan
    Jonathan Shank and Barry Ownby form the Ku Klux Klan to try to resist recunstruction from the north.
  • Civil rights

    Civil rights
    Congress passes a bill to give black more rights to freedom. The president vetoes the bill but congress over rules the veto.
  • Reconstruction

    Teenecee is the frist to be renstated to the Union from Reconstruction
  • voting

    African American men have the ability to vote.
  • 37th state

    37th state
    Nebrasska is admited as the 37th state into the union