Civil War Time Line

By jhanvi
  • Fort Sumter

    Fort Sumter
    In this war their were no causalties and the union surrendered the Fort Sumter.
  • 1st Battle of Bull Run

    1st Battle of Bull Run
    In this battle the confederates won and Union was forced to retreat.
  • Battle of Shiloh

    Battle of Shiloh
    In this battle the Union won the Mississippi River. It also ended with many causlties. Also the Union won this war.
  • Fall of New Orleans

    Fall of New Orleans
    This was the battle where the Union had the complete controll to the Mississippi River.
  • Battle of Antietam

    Battle of  Antietam
    In this battle the Union was able to keep Lee from moving the war up to the Northern Land. This war caused the Emancipation Proclamation.
  • Battle of Fredericksburg

    Battle of Fredericksburg
    In this battle General Lee moved to a hill and built trenches so they could fire down and can be protected.
  • Battle of Chancellorsville

    Battle of Chancellorsville
    This battle was won by the Confederates. This battle was important becuase the Confederates ruined the Union plan of Attacking.
  • Bttle of Gettyburg

    Bttle of Gettyburg
    This battle took place in Pennsylvania. This was the bloodiest battle of all battles. In three days 48000 people died.
  • Siege of Vicksburg

    Siege of Vicksburg
    This Battle took place in Mississippi. The Union won this Battle. This battle was important because it was the majorr turning point. This was also the last major defense of the Mississippi.
  • The Wilderness Campaign

    The Wilderness Campaign
    In this war both sides had struggles with conditions and had many causaulties. Brushfires burned alive and 200 people were wounded.