Civil War Gabby

By ecain
  • Confederacy Was Formed

  • Period: to

    Civil War

  • Richmond Falls to The Union Army

  • First Battle of Bull Run

  • Grant Takes Supreme Command of the Union Army

  • Monitor Battles Merrimack

  • New Orleans Falls to The Union

  • Lee Becomes Commander

  • Signing of the Emancipation Proclamation

  • Battle of Gettysburg

  • Military Draft

  • Period: to

    Battle of Chancellorsville

  • Period: to

    Battle of Vecksburg

  • Attack on Fort Wagner

  • Quantrill Burns Lawrence

  • Lincoln Delivers the Gettysburg Address

  • Period: to

    Battle of Cold Harbor

  • Lincoln Was Re-elected

  • Sherman Burns Atlanta

  • Sherman Reaches the Sea

  • Battle of Fredericksburg

  • Lincoln 2nd Inaugural Speech

  • Appomattox Dourt House

  • Lincoln is Assassinated

    Lincoln is Assassinated
  • 13th Amendmant