CIvil War Annotated Timeline

  • Fort Sumter

    Fort Sumter
    This battle was a two day batttle. it started on April 12th and ended on April 13th. It wsa in Charleston, South Carolina. The genrals were Genral Anderson for the Union and Genral Beauregaurd for the confederate. The confederates won this battle and this was the first battle of the Civil War.
  • 1st Bull Run Manassas

    1st Bull Run Manassas
    The 1st bulll run was in Virginia. Mcdwell was the leader in the north and in the south the leader was Beaurgard. The Confederates won this battle.
  • Battle Of Hampton Roads

    Battle Of Hampton Roads
    This was a 2 day battle. It started on march 8th and ended on march 9th. This battle took place in Virginia near Hampton Roads. In this battle no side really won the battle. Both sides claimed the victory. The Genrals were, Genral Goldborough for the Union and Genral Buchanan for the confederates.
  • Battle Of Shiloh.

    Battle Of Shiloh.
    This battle was in Tennessee. It was a two day battle it started in April sixth and it ended on April seventh. The genrals were Genral Grant for the north and for the south the genral was Genral Johnson. The Union wont his battle and johnson was killed. This battle let the Union gain controll of the Tennessee River.
  • 2nd Bull Run Manassas

    2nd Bull Run Manassas
    This battle was in Virginia, Like the first bull run. The genrals were Genral Pope for the north and Ganral Jackson for the south. This battle was a confederate victory and they regained most controll of Virginia. This Battle was a two day battle it started on August 29th and it ended on August 30th.
  • Battle Of Antietam

    Battle Of Antietam
    This battle was in Maryland. The genral of the north was Genral McClellan. The genral for the south was Genral Lee. In this battle nobody won. It was a military draw.This battle was seen as a politican vistory for the union. This battle led to the emancipation proclimation.
  • Battle Of Fredricksburg

    Battle Of Fredricksburg
    This Battle was a one day battle. It was in Virginia along with many other battles. The genral for the north was Genral McClellan. The genral for the south was Genral Lee. There was no winner for this battle instead it was a military draw. This battle was seen as a politican victory for the Union. It led to the Emencipation Proclimation.
  • Emancipation Proclamation

    Emancipation Proclamation
    Abraham Lincoln came up with it and stated it. The proclamation satated that all slaves in the confederate states are free. This did not work though. it freed very few slaves in the confederate states.
  • Battle Of Chancellorsville

    Battle Of Chancellorsville
    Tihis battle was a two day battle. It stared on May 2nd and it ended on May 4th. The battle was in Virginia. The genral for the north was Genral Hookwe and the genral for the south was Genral Lee. Confederates won the battle.Jackson Died in this battel. Genral Lee beat an army outnumbered 2:1.
  • Seige Of Vicksburg

    Seige Of Vicksburg
    This battle started on May 18th and ended on July 4th. It was in Mississippi. The Genrals were Genral Grant for the Union and Genral Pemberton For the Confederace. The Union won this battle.It gave the Union controll of the mississippi river and thrie gosl to expand to the west was accomplished.
  • Battle Of Gettysburg

    Battle Of Gettysburg
    This battle was a three day battle. It started in July first and ended on July third. It was in Pennstlvania. Genral Meade lead the Union to a vistory. The genral for the south was Genral Lee. This battle forced the confederates to withdraw from tennessee. This battle was a turning point in the war.
  • Seige Of Atlanta

    Seige Of Atlanta
    This battle was quite a long battle. It started in July 16th and smded on September 2nd 1865. This battle was in Georgia. The genral for the Union was Genral Sherman and the genral for the confederace was Genral Hood. The Union won this batytle and captureed the "heart of the south".
  • Surrender At Appotomattox Courthouse

    Surrender At Appotomattox Courthouse
    Genral Lee surrendered to Genral Ulysses S. Grant. Genral Grant was known as taking the credit for the surender. The surrender was the first time the two genrals had seen eachother face to face in almost two decades. The surrender was completed arounf 4 P.M.
  • Assassination Of Abraham Lincoln

    Assassination Of Abraham Lincoln
    Lincoln was shot at Ford Theater by JohnWilkes Booth. At first Booth planed to just kidddnap Lincoln. But he changed his mind and assassinated him instead. Lincoln was killed at 10:15pm.
  • Ratification Of The 13th Amandment

    Ratification Of The 13th Amandment
    When the thirteenth amendment was ratified slaveery was officially put to an end. The ratification was eight months after the war was over. Lincoln believed that an amendment was nessisary to ensure the end of slavery.