Civil War Annotated Timeline

  • fort sumter

    fort sumter
    first battle that started the civil war. ended on the 14 of april. general Beauregard won against andersons surrender.
  • Battle of bull run 1st

    Battle of bull run 1st
    at the battle of bull run was fought in virginia, and was won by the confederates. the north leader was mcdowell and the south was beauregam.
  • battle of hampton roads

    battle of hampton roads
    ended the 9. norths worden and souths franklin tied in this battle.
  • battle of shiloh

    battle of shiloh
    the battle of shilo was fought in tennesse on the sixth and seventh of april. grant defeated johnson for a union victory. the union took control of the tennesse river adding to the andaconda plan
  • battle of bull run 2nd

    battle of bull run 2nd
    the 2nd battle of run was fought from august 29 to the 30 in virginia. the north leader was pope and the south was jackson. virgina was freed from union control by the conferdates win.
  • battle of antietam

    battle of antietam
    strangly the battle of antiem was a draw between mcellan and lee. the battle took place in maryland. some would say the north won politicly because it led to the emancipation proclemation.
  • battle of fredericksburg

    battle of fredericksburg
    the battle was between the norths comander burnside and souths lee. the conferdates stopped the union advancement by winning this battle.
  • battle of chancellorsville

    battle of chancellorsville
    chancellorsville ended on the fourth of may. it took place in virginia between hooker and lee. lees victory was his best battle after jackson died.
  • siege of vicksburg

    this siege lasted until july 4. grants victory with the union in the mississippi almost completed the andaconda plan.
  • siege of vicksburg

    siege of vicksburg
    the siege ended on july 4th. it took place in mississippi. the leaders were grant from the north and and souths pemberton.
  • battle of gettysburg

    battle of gettysburg
    gettysburg was the first to the third of july. iit was fought in pennislavinia with meade and lee going head to head. the unions victory was huge with lee losing one third of his men.
  • emancipation procolamation

    emancipation procolamation
    freed the slaves.
  • siege of atlanta

    siege of atlanta
    this battle took place in atlanta georgia from july 16 to june 2. norths leader shermen took the heart of the south when he defeated hood. this launched lincolns second election.
  • surrender at appomattox courthouse

    surrender at appomattox courthouse
    lee surrenders to grant ending the war.
  • assaassination of abraham lincoln

    assaassination of abraham lincoln
    john booth assissinates lincoln in a theatre
  • ratification of the 13th amendment

    ratification of the 13th amendment
    ended institution of slavery