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    civil war

  • Battel Of Fort Sumter

    Battel Of Fort Sumter The south demanded that Fort Sumter be surrendered immediately. When Anderson refused, the Southern canon opened fire. The federal troops returned fire. There was no blood sheed in this batte.
  • Battel Of Bull Run

    Battel Of Bull Run
  • The Battle of Monitor and Merrimac

    The Battle of Monitor and Merrimac
    The Monitor was immediately sent into action against the Confederate ironclad Virginia which had sunk two U.S. Navy ships the previous day . The resulting battle was a tactical draw. However, USS Monitor prevented the CSS Virginia from gaining control of Hampton Roads and thus preserved the Federal blockade of the Norfolk area.
  • Battle Of Shiloh

    Battle Of Shiloh
    They wanted the intersection of the Charleston and Memphis, Mobile and Ohio railways.Once they had that point it would give the National troops control of the great railway communications between the Mississippi and the East, and the border slave-labor States and the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Battle Of Gettysburg

    Battle Of Gettysburg The Battle had the largest number of casualties in the civil war. Also known as the turning potint of the war. This ended General Robert.E. Lee's invasion in the north.
  • Battle of Chickamauga

    Battle of Chickamauga
  • Battle of the Wilderness

    Battle of the Wilderness
    Fighting was fierce but inconclusive as both sides attempted to maneuver in the dense woods. Darkness halted the fighting, and both sides rushed forward reinforcements. The battle was a tactical draw. Grant, however, did not retreat as had the other Union generals before him. On May 7, the Federals advanced by the left flank toward the crossroads of Spotsylvania Courthouse.
  • Battle of Spotsylvania

    Battle of Spotsylvania