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Civil War

  • Start of Civil War

    Start of Civil War
    This was the date when the civil war started. It started because the Confederates bombarded Fort Sumter in South Carolina. After that there was many battles in different places. I think this was important because it was important to our history and when the war started.
  • Period: to

    American Civil War

  • Lincoln issues public declaration

    Lincoln issues public declaration
    The president issues a public declaration for the militia to stop the rebelion. He wanted 75,000 of them and he even had to call in some volunteers. The south did the same thing. Then in May, Lincoln called for another 35,000. This was important becasue now the public was getting involed in the war.
  • Robert Lee signs his commission

    Robert Lee signs his commission
    Lee was the commander of the Confederate Army. Lee said he could not raise his hand against his birth place and family. Meaning he couldnt surrender and wanted to protect the South. This is important becasue he was the leader of the South and if someone else was it could have turned out different,
  • The Battle of Philippi

    The Battle of Philippi
    This was the first battle of the Civil War. This battle happened in what is now West Virginia Now it is now know as the "first land battle of the civil war". Ths was only a minor battle that lasted about 20 minutes and there was no casulities. I added this because it was the first battle of the War.
  • Bull Run Battle

    Bull Run Battle
    This was the first major battle od the civil war. The North marched from washington against the confederate army. The Union drove the South back to Henery Hill. This was the first major battle of the Civil War and the Union proved themselves against the Confederates. This battle was over on July 22,1861.
  • Battle of Wilson's Creek

    Battle of Wilson's Creek
    The Union Army attack the confederates under general Lyon. They attack troops and state militia Southwest of Springfield,Missouri. The death of General Lyon caused the retreat of the Union Army. This caused the South to win. It also sent a strong message to the people west of the Mississippi River.
  • Jefferson Davis

    Jefferson Davis
    Jefferson Davis was inaugurated as President of the Confederate States. They Confederate states no have a different leader so their choices maybe different. This could have caused the Confederates to loose.
  • Second Battle of The Bull Run

    Second Battle of The Bull Run
    This battle was much bigger than this first Bull Run. This battle was fought on pretty much the same ground as the first Bull Run. This batte was lead by General John Pope. Due to the confused orders and misapprehension of the battle field. This time the Union lost. I chose this because it was in pretty muh the same place as the first one just a lot bigger. This battle ended August 30,1862
  • The Gettysburg campaign continues

    The Gettysburg campaign continues
    The confederates try to press into Columbia. The Union militia set fire to the bridge causing them to not be able to get acrossed. This denyed them access to the east shore.
    This helped out the Union because the Confederates had no way to get across into Columbia.
  • The Battle of Gettysburg

    The Battle of Gettysburg
    This Battle happened in Gettysburg Virginia, This was by far the largest battle of the Civil War. This battle involved 85,000 Union Soilders and 75,000 on the Confederate side. There was around 24,000 casulties of this battle. This was more than a third of Lee's army. This was the biggest battle of the civil war with the most casulaties.
  • First submarine attack

    First submarine attack
    This was the first successful submarine attack of the Civil war. It was only a five person submarine, it was destroyed outside out South Carolina. But it also took the U.S craft. It wasn't found until 1995.
  • Lincoln Assination

    Lincoln Assination
    Lincoln was assinated by John Wilkes Booth. They killed him because they thought if the North got a different leader they would win the war. Even though Booth like the Confederacy he said in the North during the war. This was one of the most important events because everybody liked him because he lead them through the war.
  • Jefferson Davis is Captured

    Jefferson Davis is Captured
    This is important because he was the president of the south. Everybody listened to him and they believed that he would win the war. Now since he is captured things would change.
  • Last battle

    Last battle
    This was the last battle of the Civil War. It takes place at Palmito Ranch Texas. It was a Confederate win. It was important becasue it was the last battle of the civil war.
  • War is Over

    War is Over
    General Simon Bolivar Buckner enters in to the surrender of Army of the Trans-Mississippi. This was greed upon June 2, 1865. The war is offically over.