civil war 1861-1865

  • other major u.s industries

    leaders in the construction of new railroad lines in the late 1800s included cornelius vander bilt and james j. vanderbilt linkend a number of short railroad in the northeast,creating america's first great railroad system- the new york central
  • rockefeller and the oil industry

    a stram called oil creek flowed through the village of tiusville, about 100 miles north of pittsburgh pennsylvania it was oil creek because of the black, stickly oil that came up to the surface from below the ground
  • rockefeller and the oil industry

    from 69 feet in the earth , oil began running thorught the pipe this happened in august1859 this first oil well turned out to be the america's giant oil industy
  • Transcontinental Railroad

    Transcontinental Railroad
    Congress provides money for transcontinental railroad.
  • home steatd act

    home steatd act
    this act made it very easy for pioneers to own land. settlers were given 160 acres of land provided agreed to live on it for five years.
  • Which western state admitted

    Which western state admitted
    there was 13 state s admitted from 1864 though 1912 that were Nevada,Nebraska, Colorado North Dakota , South Dakota, Montana, Washington, Idaho, Wyoming,Utah, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Arizona
  • 13th amendment is ratified

    13th amendment is ratified
  • abraham lincoln was assassination April 14 1865

    abraham lincoln was assassination April 14 1865
  • Andrewe Johnson

    Andrewe Johnson
  • How were he American indians ways destroyed

    How were he American indians ways destroyed
    between 1865 and 1875, millions of buffalo were killed. william f. cody got the name How werre am
  • reconstruction treaties

    reconstruction treaties
  • reconstruction 1865 1877

    reconstruction 1865 1877
  • tenure of office act

    tenure of office act
  • grant is elected president

    grant is elected president
  • 14th amendment is ratified

    14th amendment is ratified
  • ulysses s crant

    ulysses s crant
  • the ku klux klan was powerful

  • promontory point

    promontory point
    transcontinental railroad is finished the central pacific railroad had laid about 700 miles of track the union pacific had laid more than 1000 miles of track a golden spike was driven into the final link of the track
  • 15th amendment

    15th amendment
  • what did chief red cloud do

    what did chief red cloud do
    in 1870, cheief red cloud of the oglala sioux wanted to inform the government officials of the problems of the plains indians . he spoke at a meeting in washington, D.C.
  • John D. rockefellers

    John D. rockefellers
    rockefeller traveled from cleveland ohio, to titusville to see how he and his partners could make money from the oil business rockefeller decided that he was not interested in drilling for oil beacause it was too risky
  • becoming an industrial giant

    becoming an  industrial giant
    in they 1800 most americans were farmers or shop owners manufacturing in small factories was done mostly in th areas of the northeast
  • grant is re-elected

    grant is re-elected
  • how did andrew carnegie develop the steel industy

    he returned to the america and enterd the new steel industry in 1873 . carnegie's company made steel for railroad tracks that cost half as much as iron tracks and were much strngers
  • Gold Rush

    Gold   Rush
    gold is discovered in black hill The goverment's reservation policy was tested in 1874 that is when gold was dicovered in the black hills of what is now South Dakota. this land was holy to the sioux.
  • hayes is elected president

    hayes is elected president
  • centennial

    four july
  • how did innentions change american society

    in 1876, edison started a research laboratory in menlo park new jersey he brought scientits engineers machinists, and even clock makers together in this one one
  • what were other importtant invention

    many importtant inventions came out of 1870 and 1880 bell invented the telphone in 1876 george eastman simplified the kodak camera in 1880 so that more people could take photographs.
  • American Indians defeat Custer at Little Big Horn

    American Indians defeat Custer at Little Big Horn
    custer and about 210 of his troops were killed. the only person or animal that lived was an officer's horse named comanch. The defeat of custer shocked the country. the american indians had won a great victory.
  • rutherford b. hayes takes office

    rutherford b. hayes takes office
  • other major u s in ustries

    the first words reproduced b y a machine were mary had a little lamb edison spoke this line frim a children's poem in to his phonograph in 1877
  • congress passes law to keep chinese entering america

    in 1882, congress passed a law saying that no more chinese could come to yhe much of the hhard on the transcontinental railroad had been done by the chinese
  • how did steel become an important builing material

    the longest suspension bridege in the world at the time , the brooklyn bridgr in nwe york was opened in 1883
  • Supreme court rules civil rights act unconsitutional

    the civil rights act of 1875 had made segeration in public places against the law how ever in 1883 the supreme court said the civil rights act unconsitutional this cleared the way for more laws against african americans.
  • france gives america the statue of liberty

    the statue of liberty,an 1884 gift to the united states from france,stands in the habor of new york city. the huge copper lady holds a golden torch high above her head.she provided a first look at american for millions of immigrants.
  • Why was the dawes severalty act passed

    Why was the dawes severalty act passed
    Congress paased dawes severalty act in 1877. severalty mean separateness. the purpose of the law was turn the american indians into independent farmers. their lands were divided in to family- size farms
  • dumbbell tenements appear in new york city

    by 1889, dumbbell tenements appeared in new york city. as many as 32 families lived in one of these five-or six-story brick buildings that were shaped like dumbbells. dumbbells are narrow in the middle and larger at both ends. they were miserable places to live. people began to call these and other poor areas slums.
  • settling the western frontier

    settling the western frontier
  • Which western lands beame states

    settlers had moved into most areas of the western frontier. by 1890 , for the first american history , there was no frontier line. the frontier had been conquered. betweeen 1864 and 1912 , the united states created 13 states from these western.
  • jacob riis writes articles about slum housing

    in the late 1870's jacob riis, a new york newspaper reporter began to write articles about the lives of people kiving ub slum housing. his book , how the other half lives, told the story of the lives of new immigrants families. he described builidings with dark halls that served as playgrounds for chilidren in winter. many tenements did not have good venilation.
  • the supreme court rules separate but equal facilites constitutonal

    in 1896 the wupreme court upheld the louisiana law and wrote that separate but equal facilities were constitutonal . this was a major set back fot african americans and their struggle for equal treatment befor the law. this law stood until the supreme court overturned the plessy ruling in 1954. that is when esgregation in public schools was determind to be unconstitutonal.
  • percentage of city dwellers had increased to 40 percent

    the reason for this was cities had many exciting events and had many different things to do, and places to go. the main reason people moved to cities was because they could find jobs. because of this american industry's grew as more and more factories opened in or near cities. factories were usually built near railroad lines or good seaport.large factories needed many workers.
  • how did steel become an important building material

    he retired very rich man in 1901 he was generous with his money carnegie funded libraries , colleges, medical research,and many other projectshe gave away more than 350 million in his lifetime
  • Dawes Act

    Dawes Act
    in many cases however , the indians were cheated by land- hungry european settlers . in some cases, government agents took advantage of them. it was not until 1924 that all indians were made citizens