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  • The last to secede!

    The last to secede!
    Governor Francis W. Pickens takes office.
    South Carolina officially approves the Ordinance of Secession.
    Governor Francis Pickens of South Carolina demands President Buchanan regain control of Fort Sumter.
  • McClellan Loses Command.

    McClellan Loses Command.
    Abe Lincoln lets McCellan go
    army loses disipline
  • The first shot fired!

    The first shot fired!
    Abe Lincoln was torn because he wanted to send supplies to fort sumter. but he didnt want to because he did not want people to die, he also didnt want the fort to fall to confederate power.Fort Sumter eventually was surrendered to South Carolina.
  • Goodbye Virginia!

    Goodbye Virginia!
    Virginia secedes from the Union
    Virginia become 8th state to secede
  • the First Battle of Bull Run1

    the First Battle of Bull Run1
    the frst battle of the civil war.
    made the counrty realize that its going to be a long war.
  • Missouri convention

    Missouri convention
    The Convention met pursuant to adjournment.
    replace all the state officers.
  • The Battle of Shiloh

    The Battle of Shiloh
    40,000 Confederate soldiers under the command of Gen. Albert Sidney Johnston.
    23,000 casualties and was the bloodiest battle in American history.
  • the battle of seven pines

    the battle of seven pines
    Gen. Joseph E. Johnston attempted to overwhelm two Federal corps that appeared isolated south of the Chickahominy River.
    Both sides claimed victory
  • seven days battle

    seven days battle
    series of six major battles over the seven days from June 25 to July 1, 1862.
    The Seven Days ended with McClellan's army in relative safety next to the James River.
  • the second battle of bull run

    the second battle of bull run
    one of the most significant Confederate victories.
    the norths pride is very hurt.
  • battle of antietam

    battle of antietam
    series of powerful assaults against Robert E. Lee’s forces near Sharpsburg, Maryland.
    bloodiest single day in American military history ended in a draw