Civil Rights MASH CForney, Prippon

  • Executive Order 9981

    Executive Order 9981
    On July 26th 1948 President Harry Truman abolished racial segrigation in the armed forces. It let the armed forces open to different races, religions, and origins. This let racial segrigation open to other things to and our country grew as a whole once this happend.
  • The Emmett Till Murder

    The Emmett Till Murder
    On august 28th 1995 a young african american man "Emmett Till" was murdered in the south. He was visiting the Mississippi delta to see his relatives when he whistled at a white woman running a store. He was beaten in a barn and had one of his eyes gouged out. After the beating we was tied by the neck to a fan with barbed wire and dumped into the river. This was a dark time for our country and needs to be remembered so it isint repeated.
  • Freedom Rides

    Freedom Rides
    The freedom riders were civil rights activists that rode interstate buses in to the southern United States. People rebeling against these activists set fire to the buses and pushed them over. People screaming things like "kill these niggers" or "kill these nigger lovers" filled the air as smoke rolled of the buses. It is important to remember events like this so they won't happen again.