CIS timline

  • mar 4 playstation 2

    Inventor: Ken Kutaragi
    an at-home video game station with controllers and multiple games.
  • jan 9 itunes

    inventor: Bill Kincaid
    iTunes was used to purchase and listen to music wherever and whenever you wanted.
  • jul 19 DVR

    Inventor: Anthony Wood
    DVR was a big deal because it gave people the chance to broadcast movies in their own home with no ads or commercials.
  • feb 4 facebook

    Inventor: Mark Zuckerberg
    Facebook was one of the first social media platforms that changed apps and social media forever
  • jan 9 iphone

    inventor: steve jobs
    the iPhone has changed technology for good. Its a handheld or pocket device with anything you could ever want at the tip of your fingers.