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Cinderella Timeline

  • Cinderella's Life changing moment

    Cinderella's Life changing moment
    Cinderella is now living with her Step mother and Sisters after her father's death and which they have made her the maid
  • Cinderella's everyday life

    Cinderella's everyday life
    Cinderella is waking up before anybody else and working on making breakfast, feeding the chickens, and doing the laundry and even more then that.
  • Evil Step-Family receiving the letter

    Evil Step-Family receiving the letter
    Cinderella's step- family finds out about the ball and has Cinderella getting everything ready for them and never has time for her own gown
  • Happy Helpers

    Happy Helpers
    Cinderella's nice animal friends help Cinderella out by making Cinderella's dream dress
  • Ruining Dresses

    Ruining Dresses
    Cinderella's dress was ruined by Her step-sisters and mother because she was more prettier than them and her animal friends accidently used their things they don't need anymore without permission
  • Period: to

    Later that night

    Once they left she was crying and then her fairy godmother was there helping her and changed her into a beautiful dress and glass shoes letting her go to the ball
  • Stroke of Midnight

    Stroke of Midnight
    At the ball Cinderella met up Prince Charming and they danced for hours then the clock struck Midnight and then Cinderella left down the staircase
  • Period: to

    Looking for ms.right

    The grand duke was looking for Prince Charming's soon-to-be-wife
    but couldn't find her until he was at the right house
  • Lock up

    Lock up
    After making the mistake of walking away humming the waltz she was locked up in her room by her evil step-mother.
  • Finding her

    Finding her
    The Grand Duke turned around in time to see Cinderella coming down the stairs. She claimed the shoe was hers and she was right. The Prince was going to marry Cinderella
  • Period: to


    Cinderella had gotten the key from her mouse friends and had hurried down the stairs to see the Grand Duke leaving
  • Happily Ever After

    Happily Ever After
    The Prince and Cinderella were now married and living Happily Ever After!