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    History of Film

  • Eadweard Muybridge's motion photography

    Eadweard Muybridge's motion photography
    Eadweard Muybridge is known for his innovative expirments with mcapturing motion in his photgraphy. When Leland Stanford gave him the mission to find out if all of a trottng horses' legs are off the ground and the same time.
  • "Shotgun Camera"

    "Shotgun Camera"
    Etienne Jules Marey, a french man, invited a chronophotographic camera that could take twelve pictures per second.
  • Kodak camera

    George Eastman gives the world a lightweight, cheap Kodak camera, that used rollers to hold the film. small box camera. a still camera that used the roll film it was the new and improved form of celluloid film.
  • Roundhay Garden Scene

    Roundhay Garden Scene
    this scene was literally less than a minute long but was debated to be the first real film made. This scene was shot by Louis Le Prince, a french inventor, and it features members of his family walking in circles and fiddling around in their garden.
  • William K.L. Dickson's kinetograph

    William K.L. Dickson's kinetograph
    delegated by Thomas Edison, William K.L. Dickson invented a motion picture camera in the summer of 1892. It was the basis for 35mm film.
  • First Motion picture studio

    First Motion picture studio
    Thomas Edison built the first motion picture studio. He named it Black Maria because he felt it resembled a police patrolwagon.
  • Fred Ott's sneeze

    Fred Ott's sneeze
    The Kinetoscopic Record of a sneeze was one of Black Maria's first films. it also was the first film to be registered for copyright. This was one the famous "peep shows" by using thomas Edison & W.K. Dickson's Kinetoscope.
  • French Fathers of Film

    French Fathers of Film
    the Lumiere brothers (Louis&Auguste )filmed their workers leaving the factory to go on their lunch breaks and showed it to a conference using thier camera projector , the cinematograph.
  • Devil's Castle - Father of Special Effects

    Devil's Castle - Father of Special Effects
    George Melies , french, gets the button for being the orgin of horror films. The Devil's Castle featured vampires. His movie used the first special effects and illumination.Stop motion photography.
  • Moon - Georges Melies

    Moon - Georges Melies
    First Sci-fi film. He used multiple exposer and animation.
  • the first BLOCKBUSTER!

    Henry Miles was the first to allow his customers to rent films instead of buying them.
  • Life of an American Fireman

    Life of an American Fireman
    production by Edwin Porter it was a short, silent film that features a cross cutting and movie editing that depicts the rescue of a woman and her child from a burning building.
  • Warner Brothers

    Warner Brothers
    The Warner Brothers opened their first nickelodeon theatre. They named the buliding the Cascade. It was built in Pennsylvania. 16 yrs after this the company Warner Bros. Pictures was opened. nickelodeons were theatres where you payed a nickel and watched a set number of movies.
  • Dolly Invented

    The invention of the camera dolly was very important because now the cameras were on wheel. This made production much easier.
  • First female to do it!

    First female to do it!
    Alice Guy Blache was the first female filmmaker. She was french. She was the first woman to own and run her own studio, it was called The Solax Company Studios.
  • A Birth of a Nation

    A Birth of a Nation
    D. W. Griffith was considered a film genious but this film created alot of controversory. His idea was to capture emotions through camera angles and to capture the literal content through editing. He wanted to create cinema world that let his viewers into his own world.
  • Charlie Chaplin & "The Gold Rush"

    Charlie Chaplin & "The Gold Rush"
    Charlie Chaplin was a silent actor. He worked in comedy films. He was a favorite to film fans of his age even though the silent film era was ending they still enjoyed his projects.
  • Vitaphone Magic & "Don Juan"

    Vitaphone Magic & "Don Juan"
    A vitaphone was sound on disc system that allowed the Warner Brothers to step away from the tradtional use of having a live orchestra for the sound track, Instead they used the film from the vitaphone that had recorded the soundtrack. The Warner Brothers first vitaphone film was Don Juan
  • " The Jazz Singer "

    " The Jazz Singer "
    The first movie with dialogue. some people call it a "talkie" . Some werent convinced they felt that this movie was simply a singing picture. They felt the first officail dialogue movie was "Lights of New York" by the Warner Brothers.
  • Disney's "Steamboat Willie"

    Disney's "Steamboat Willie"
    First film with a complete soundtrack that used sound effects, music, and dialogue.
  • Lena Horne

    First African American woman to be signed to long-term contract with a major studio (MGM). She was a specialty performer. She was cast in parts with singing scenes. Her works were shown in Southern theaters.