Christmas Carol

  • The pen that created the first Christmas Carol

    The pen that created the first Christmas Carol
    Charles Dickens could not have made the first Christmas Carol without first writing it down. The fountain pen was the most commonly used pen during the 19th century. The Fountain pen was used by mostly all types of people from authors to business men, and even offices of power. The pen helped Charles Dickens write the all time classic Christmas Carol that we have seen throughout history with many different adaptations such has movies, TV shows, and even plays.
  • The paper that was used

    The paper that was used
    From the mid 1850s to the present the paper we get now is from trees, but before we got our paper from trees we used to get paper from recycled cotton rags and linen. The first Christmas carol was actually not made from the paper we get from trees now but from recycled cotton rags and linen. The paper we have now is much easier to get and cheaper to make. A Christmas Carol was made with older paper so it was more expensive to the paper back then compared to now.
  • In Conclusion

    In Conclusion
    All of the artifacts in the timeline not only had a big impact on the creation of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, but they all had a big impact on other writers in the 19th century as well. All the artifacts helped pave the way for new technology to be created to be used to make more modern pieces of literature. A Christmas Story is still a part in modern pop culture because of all the adaptations of the famous book. There are still more adaptations of Charles Dickens' book still being made.
  • A Christmas Carol

    A Christmas Carol
    A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens can be found in many forms throughout media. A Christmas Carol started as a book made in 1843 then soon turned into much more than a book. People started to make plays about Charles Dickens, and once the modern era of television became more popular the famous book turned into multiple TV shows and movies.
  • The First Christmas Carol

    The First Christmas Carol
    In order to have all these adaptations you need to start with the original piece. The first book was published in 1843 and had a big cultural impact on the world at that time. Charles Dickens ended up selling out 6000 copies of the book within the first week of it being published. The book became an instant classic and kept being a huge hit for years to come for Charles Dickens.
  • The Printing press

    The Printing press
    In order to make a book as successful as A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens you have to make sure you can print thousands of copies to be sold to the public. The Printing press had a big impact on society in the 1800s because you were able to print thousands of copies of books or newspapers very quickly. The printing press allowed for Charles Dickens to keep selling his book to the public and getting it more widley known across the nation.
  • Making A Christmas Carol Faster

    Making A Christmas Carol Faster
    Along with using a printing press people began figuring out ways to make copies of books faster. By using Stereotyping and electrotyping printing stores began to print books and newspaper a lot faster. This allowed for more copies of A Christmas Carol to be printed much faster than it originally took them to print it. The faster the printers could make copies the faster Charles Dickens book became more of a house hold name throughout the nation.
  • The time period had an Influence on the Christmas Carol

    A Christmas Carol was written and also takes place in 1843. In the Charles Dicken's book you can see by the way Scrooge dress, talks and acts he lives in the mid 19th century. The technology of electricity still has yet to be a normal thing in the mid 19th century which can be seen in the book by scrooge walking around his house with a candle. The Christmas Carol adaptations still show the mid 19th century as the year it takes place still.
  • What A Christmas Carol did

    A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens can still be seen in present day pop culture through media adaptations of the popular book. It could not have done that however without the success it had when it first released to the public in 1843. The huge success of Charles Dickens' book allowed Scrooge to be a house hold name across the country with thousands of people buying his book in stores. Without the first success of his book we would not see it as much as we do today in pop culture.
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