Chinese Revolution and Balzac

  • "Down the Countryside Movement"*

    "Down the Countryside Movement"*
    Beginning of the re-education process
  • Parents are enemies*

    The boys' parents are now considered enemies of Mao and are shamed.
  • Period: to


  • Sent to Phoenix of the Sky*

    The Narrator and Luo are sent to the mountain village to be re-educated.
  • Lin's Death

    Maos successor, Lin, dies in a plane crash.
  • Meet the Little Seamstress*

    The narrator and Luo meet the Little Seamstress for the first time and tell her stories.
  • Find the Banned Books*

    Luo and the narrator discover the banned books in Four-Eye's hidden suitcase. "The Romance of the Three Kingsdoms", "The Dream of Red Chamber", "Jin Ping Mei", the Bible, poetry, "The Words of the Five Ancients" and "Ursule Mirouët".
  • Letter from Little Seamstress

    The Little Seamstress writes a letter to Luo and the narrator.
  • Luo and Little Seamstress become lovers*

    The made love under the Ginko tree.
  • Set off to collect folk songs*

    The boys dressed as officals, with complete uniforms, the collect the folk songs of the miller for Four-Eyes so that they can have more books by Balzac.
  • Buffalo Feast

    Four-Eyes's village pushed a buffalo down the mountain so it would die and then have a massive feast.
  • Pool Time*

    Luo and the Little Seamstress go to the mountain pool to swim, read, and probably have sex. Little Seamstress is bitten by a snake
  • Luo's Temporary Leave*

    Luo leaves the village for a month to be at his sick mother's side.
  • Pregnant*

    The Little Seamstress finds out she's pregnant, after having period problems, with Luo's baby while he is away. Narrator helps her get an abortion.
  • Preacher dying*

    The old preacher is dying and Luo finds a doctor that would help him get the abortion for the Little Seamstress by offering his Balzac.
  • Visit to Cemetery*

    Little Seamstress anf narrator visit the preacher's grave and vow to have a statue built of him in the future.
  • Little Seamstress leaves*

    She sets off to live in the city as a commune leader in the city.
  • Mao's Death

    Mao's Death
    Chairman Mao Zedong was very ill in the remaining years of his life, and after he died it was the end of the revolution.
  • End of Re-Education

    Hu Yaobang lets the youth go back to their familes and ends the re-educating system