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Chinese history of Australia.

  • Where They Come From?

    Where They Come From?
    The early history of Chinese Australians had involved significant immigration from villages of the Pearl River Delta in Southern China.
  • Immigration

    The gold rushes of the nineteenth century and the lives of those who worked the goldfields - known as diggers.
  • Discovery of Gold

    Discovery of Gold
    isolated gold findes had been reported in New South Wales since the 1820's, but it was another thirty years before a fully-fledged gold rush would take its hold on the British penal colonies in Australia.
  • How it all began!

    How it all began!
    Edward Hammond Hargraves rode out of New South Wales town of Bathurst on a borrowed horse and descoverd gold in the Lewis Ponds Creek.
  • Panning for Gold.

    Panning for Gold.
    At this stage, people were looking for small nuggets and fleks of gold lying in creeks, or buried in shallow underground streams. This was called alluvial mining.
  • Period: to

    Australia - China

    The Chinese came to Australia to have opatunity and a better life!
  • The Diggers Reactions

    The Diggers Reactions
    With there baggy trousers, large coolie hats, pigtails, and loads carred on long bamboo poles, the Chinese must have looked very different from the other miners. This made people suspicious of them. By the time they arrived, the serface gold was running out. Chinese miners re-worked abandoned claims, using a hundred or more men at a time to re-wash whole gullies. (This was called paddocking.)
  • Population

    3.3 per cent of the Australian population, had been born in China.
  • Chinese Diggers

    Chinese Diggers
    The other diggers resented these methed which used (and polluted) lots of water, and stoped the original diggers haveing go at their clams. The people had soon other objections. They complained that the Chiese sent most of their gold to China; that their camps were smelly and untidy; that their religion seemed heathen and bizarre; that they smoked opium; that they had no women but of course they had similar were true of other national groups on the goldfields.
  • Some History of Chinese Immigration to Australia

    Some History of Chinese Immigration to Australia
    It is certainly true that the Chinese adapt very well to western society-something cleary attributable to larg areas of cultural compatibity between the two groups-plus the high Chinese I.Q.
  • Australia White Policy

    Australia White Policy
    In December 1901 the Immigration Restriction Act was passed, ‘to place certain restrictions on immigration and to provide for the removal from the Commonwealth of prohibited immigrants.
  • Fight Back

    Fight Back
    Most of the Australians think that the Chinese should be kicked out of Australia!
  • We Think

    We Think
    We think that the Chinese should stay because they brought new food to our country and they do our jobs cheaper and quicker. They also help us engage a new culture in our day-to-day life’s. All they want is to have a better life and more opportunity than back in China.