Chile Mining Disaster

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  • New Kid on The Block

    New Kid on The Block
    Newcomer, Carlos, is in need of a job and he meets up with his Miner Friend at a family cookout to see if he would have a job for him in the mine. He gives him a job and starts not long after. He gets picked up on the bus to go to the mine gets his hard hat on and starts to make his way to the mine. But little does he know that this is the last time he and his 32 other coworkers see sunlight for a very long time. Immediately after entering the mine the depth starts to get to Carlos.
  • The Collapse

    The Collapse
    Not long after reaching the hub of the mine. one off the leaders notice the rock ceiling of the mine start to crack and crumble. while some other workers noticed some rocks start to fly at the from below and nearly hit them. even before they went into the mine, one of the leaders, Urzula, went to the upper staff of the mine and tells them they need an audit check because the mine is breaking down. but they refuse and say that it is too much money and that they don't need it. but it was needed.
  • Another Setback

    Another Setback
    A second collapse happens which causes the miners even more stranded and seemingly hopeless. The government and rescue team must now find another way to reach the thirty three stranded miners. Meanwhile, Chile president, Sebastien Pinera, Makes his way to the mine sight to discuss different plans and their budget to get them all out safely in as timely fashion as possible.
  • The Note

    The Note
    The people working above ground to get the miners out try several drills to try and get the. miners out. Even missing the Hub by only a couple feet one time. But eventually they finally get the drill in the right place. thanks to a genius idea by one of the above ground leaders. his plan was to miss on purpose to get to them. and it works. they get the drill to the miners and the miners stick a small note written in red that says they are all alive and in good spirits. Now everybody has a hope.
  • Eating good

    Eating good
    The miners have been living off of extremely small portions for quite some Time. They had dirty clothes on their backs and all of them had lost a significant amount of weight due to malnutrition. after they get the first probe down to reach them. the next day the send a second one down but along with the probe there is food, water, new clothes and care packages sent from companies all over the world to help the miners cope and know that there are a lot of people trying to help free them.
  • NASA is on board

    NASA is on board
    NASA reaches out to the Workers above ground and help give strategies to deal with the physical and mental toll that these miners get from being isolated for so long. Even one of the above ground workers says before nasa comes. "These guys are gonna kill each other before we even get down there." and he was right. they did need mental and physical tactics to keep the miners safe from each other from all of the isolation taking a toll on their minds.
  • Zoom 10 years ago in a mine

    Zoom 10 years ago in a mine
    The miners get a hold of a video camera from the probe that was sent down and now they can video call their families and let them know how they are every single day. while the above ground workers brainstorm different ideas on how to get them out safely.
  • Plan A,B,C

    Plan A,B,C
    The above ground workers develop three plans from three different countries to help reach the 33 miners stuck inside their hub. Plan A starts drilling on Aug 31. sept 3 drill B arrives. sept 22 drill C starts drilling. all in effort to reach the 33 miners stuck inside.
  • The Breakthrough

    The Breakthrough
    October 9, the plan B drill breaks through the roof of the Hub and can now reach the thirty three miners stuck down there. a few days later the mining minister declares ti the public that they will start the rescue within the later quarter of the day.
  • Final Day Below

    Final Day Below
    The Human capsule reaches the mine hub and the first one to enter is flornecio Silvia. he also has a baby that was born days before hand. the capsule slowly starts to make its way up with a little bit of faulty mishaps. but eventually brings him to the surface to re unite him with his family and fresh air. and the 33rd one to be brought back up to the surface is Luis. 22 1/2 hours after the start of the rescue. all 33 of them got up safe and their Story continues as they all wrote a book.