Child Development, Carla Hernandez, 5th Hour

  • Being Born!

    First day of my life! New world, new everything!
  • By Four Months!

    Physical: Weight- 10-18 lbs
    Social/Emotional: returns a smile
    Cognitive: recognizes bottle or breast
  • By Eight Months!

    Physical: First teeth begin to appear!
    Social/Emotional: Responds to own name.
    Cognitive: Learns by using senses like touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing.
  • By 12 Months!

    Physical: Weight 17-27 lbs.
    Social/Emotional: Likes to watch self in the mirror.
    Cognitive: Dances or "bounces" to music!
  • 12 to 18 Months!

    Physical: Likes to poke, twist, and squeeze!
    Social/Emotional: Enjoys an adience or applause.
    Cognitive: Plays peek-a-boo!^.^/
  • 18 to 24 Months!

    Physical: Weight- 20-32 lbs.
    Social/Emotional: acts shy around strangers.
  • Finally Two Years Old!

    Physical: Height- 32-4o inches
    Social/Emotional: Affectionate- hugs & kisses
    Cognitive: Hums or try to sing!c:
  • Three Year Olds!!

    Physical: Dress themselves, feeds themselves.
    Social/Emotional: Enjoys making others laugh or smile!(:
    Cognitive: Talks so that 75 to 80 percent of their speech is understandable.
  • Four Years Old!

    Physical: Walks on a straight line.
    Social/Emotional: Enjoys playing with other children.
    Cognative: Asks alot of questions!/.-
  • Five Years Old!

    Physical: Requires approximately 1,700 calories per day.
    Social/Emotional: Uses swear words to get attention.
    Cognative: Able to remember stories & repeat them.
  • Six - Eight Years Old!

    Physical: Can tie shoelaces.
    Social/Emotional: May have a best friend or an enemy.
    Cognative: Interested in magic & tricks.
  • Nine - Eleven Years Old!

    Physical: Girls may begin to menstruate.
    Social/Emotional: Made up languages and secret codes are common.
    Cognative: May develop special interest in collections or hobbies.