Child development 1-3

  • Physical Development 12 months

    Turns several pages of a book at a time
    Picks up small objects with thumb and forefinger
    Moves objects from hand to hand
    May walk alone or while holding a caregivers hand
    Sits down without help
    Slides down stairs backwards one step at a time
  • Period: to


  • Physical Development 18 months

    Stacks from two to four blocks
    Grasps crayons with a fist and scribbles
    Walks well
    Jumps in place
    Clims up or down one stair
    Pull toys with wheels
  • physical development 2 years

    Stacks six blocks
    Turns one page of a book at a time
    Picks up objects from the floor without losing balance
    Walks with more coordination and confidence
    Jumps off tha bottom step
    Pushes self on wheeled toys
  • physical development 2 1/2

    Stacks eight blocks
    Screws lids on and off containers
    Draws circles and horizontal and vertical lines
    Alternates feet going up stairs but not down stairs
    Runs but mat not be able to stop smoothly
    Throws a ball overhead but not inaccurately
  • physical development 3 years

    Stacks nine or 10 blocks.
    Cuts with scissors.
    Draws reconizable pictures.
    Jumps up and down in place with both feet
    Catches ball with arms straight
    Rides a tricycle