Chasing Lincoln's Killer

  • Booth's Kidnapping Plan

    Booth's Kidnapping Plan
    Around late 1864, Booth planned to kidnap President Lincoln. He attempts to recruit accomplices. After, he would plan to ship Lincoln south
  • Booth's Plan

    Booth's Plan
    John Wilkes Booth and his henchmen plans to kidnap Lincoln when his carriage came through, and they were going to take him hostage.
  • Civil War Ends!

    Civil War Ends!
    The Civil War ends on April 9, 1865.
  • Conspirator Meeting

    Conspirator Meeting
    At 8:00 PM, John Wilkes Booth meets with his conspirators to make a plan to kill President Lincoln, Vice President Johnson, and Secretary of State, WIlliam Seward.
  • Lincoln's Assassination

    Lincoln's Assassination
    At 10:13 PM, John Wilkes Booth shoots Lincoln with a .44 caliber gun.
  • Arrival at Theater

    Arrival at Theater
    Lincoln, Mary, Clara Harris, and Major Rathbone arrived at Ford's Theatre at 8:30 by carriage.
  • Attempted Murder of Seward

    Attempted Murder of Seward
    Powell snuck into the Seward residence. Fending for his life, he slashed at the family with a knife. Fanny, Seward's daughter, helped save William Seward's life. Powell slashed Seward's face. Herold was waiting outside, but then left Powell to fend for himself. All in all, it was a bloody battle.
  • Booth Escapes!

    Booth Escapes!
    After assassinating Lincoln, Booth escapes Ford's Theatre. On horseback, he races to the Navy Yard Bridge. There, he faces troubles trying to get across the bridge around 10:35-10:45 PM.
  • Trying to Heal Lincoln

    Trying to Heal Lincoln
    Dr. Leale, who was present at the scene, tries to diagnose Lincoln. Fortunately, he gets him to breathe on his own. Soon after, Leale diagnoses Lincoln that he will not live longer.
  • Atzerdot's Plan

    Atzerdot's Plan
    In the night, George Atzerdot is armed with a knife and six-shot revolver. He stays at the Kirkwood House. At the bar, he decides not to go through with the plan.
  • Lincoln's Slow Death

    Lincoln's Slow Death
    Lincoln was carried by Dr. Leale and soldiers out of the theater somewhere more private. He was carried to William Petersen's brick house.
  • Arrival at the Boardinghouse

    Arrival at the Boardinghouse
    On horseback, Herold and Booth race to Mary Surratt's Boardinghouse. There, they came to collect the items they left there.
  • Doctor's Prognosis

    Doctor's Prognosis
    Dr. Leale's prognosis was that Lincoln was stable, but he would not live much longer.
  • Stanton's Request

    Stanton's Request
    At 1:10 AM on April 15, Edwin Stanton sent a request to the chief of New York City; asking him to send the best detectives to assist him with the manhunt.
  • The Safe House

    The Safe House
    Booth and Herold reached the isolated farmhouse in the early hours of April 15, 1865. There, Dr. Mudd treats Booth's broken fibula. Meanwhile, Mudd doesn't know Booth assassinated the president.
  • Lincoln's Death

    Lincoln's Death
    On April 15, 1865 at 7:22 AM, Abraham Lincoln died.
  • Autopsy of Lincoln

    Autopsy of Lincoln
    When Lincoln was shipped to the Executive Mansion, the doctors wanted to do an autopsy to get the bullet out. Successfully, they got it out. Mary Todd Lincoln made a special request, to cut a lock of hair from Lincoln.
  • Mudd's Advice

    Mudd's Advice
    Dr. Mudd gave Booth the names of two loyal Confederate people; William Burtles and Samuel Cox. He also gave them a route to take to get to Cox's house.
  • Mudd In Custody

    Mudd In Custody
    Tuesday April 18, the manhunters took Dr. Mudd in their custody.
  • Most Solemn Day in America

    Most Solemn Day in America
    In Washington DC, on the morning of April 19, was the funeral of Abraham Lincoln. Thousands of people/citizens showed up.
  • Atzerdot Captured

    Atzerdot Captured
    In the early hours of April 20, in Maryland, detectives captured George Atzerdot at his cousin's house.
  • Booth and Herold Landed

    Booth and Herold Landed
    Instead of going south, Booth and Herold went farther north then they were suppose to. Therefore, they landed at the mouth of a creek.
  • Booth and Herold in Virginia

    Booth and Herold in Virginia
    On April 23, after nine days Booth and Herold landed on Virginia soil.
  • Sixteenth New York Calvary

    Sixteenth New York Calvary
    The Sixteenth New York Calvary rode into Port Conway in the late afternoon to pursue the assassins.
  • Booth Shot!

    Booth Shot!
    Around 12:30AM, Boston Corbett shot John Wilkes Booth in the neck. A few hours later, Booth died at the Garrett Farm.
  • Herold Surrendered!

    Herold Surrendered!
    At the Garrett Farm, Herold surrendered to the cavalry because he thought he would get released since he didn't do anything bad.
  • The Execution

    The Execution
    July 7, 1865 at 1:26 PM; Mary Surratt, David Herold, Lewis Powell, and George Atzerdot dropped to their deaths.