Chasing Lincoln's Killer

  • Lincoln is shot

    Lincoln is shot
    Abraham Lincoln, Mary Lincoln, and friends go to Ford's Theatre to see a play. John Wilkes Booth shoots Lincoln in the head.
  • Period: to

    Chasing Lincoln's Killer timeline by JaBryah

  • Mudd's Farm

    Mudd's Farm
    Booth and David Herold arrive at Mudd's Farm.Dr. Samuel Mudd treats Booth's broken leg, fed the men and let them rest there for the night.
  • Abraham Lincoln dies

    Abraham Lincoln dies
    Abraham Lincoln dies at the Peterson House. His death was at 7:20 A.M.
  • Andrew Johnson becomes president

    Vice President Andrew Johnson takes the oath of office at 11:00 A.M. This happens in a hotel room at the Kirkwood House.
  • Black Easter/Cox's house

    Black Easter/Cox's house
    It is the Easter Sunday that became known as Black Easter. Booth and Herold arrive at the house of Captain Samuel Cox.Booth and Herold hide in the pine thicket.
  • Arrests

    The soldiers arrest Lewis Powell, Mary Surrat, Anna Surrat and Lewis Weichmann at Surrat's boardinghouse. Sam Arnold, Michael O'Laughlen and Edman Spangler were also arrested on this day.
  • Mudd's Farm

    Mudd's Farm
    Calvary officers visit Mudd's farm. The soldiers search the farm and find nothing. Booth and Herold are still hiding in the thicket.
  • Lincoln's funeral

    Lincoln's funeral
    Thousands of people line up to see Lincoln's funeral procession. Six white horses pulled a carriage with Lincoln's casket. After the funeral, the president's body was put on a special train to Springfield.
  • Arrests/Reward

    George Atzerodt was arrested at the Kirkwood. An $100,000 reward is posted for Lincoln's killers. Pictures of Booth, Herold and John Surrat were on the poster.
    Booth and Herold gets lost trying to cross the Potomac.
  • Blossom Point

    Booth and Herold land at the mouth of a creek in Maryland. It is a place called Blossom Point.
  • Virginia

    Booth and Herold row into the Potomac towards Virginia. This time they went in the right direction.
  • In Virginia

    Booth and herold arrive in Virginia. They get horses and food from Mrs. Elizabeth Quesenberry. They then head to Dr. Richard Stuart's house.
  • Garrett's farm

    Garrett's farm
    Booth spent the night at the farm of Richard H. Garrett. Herold rode into Bowling Green with the Confederates to buy a new pair of shoes.The calvary head to Port Conway.
  • Port Conway

    The Sixteeth New York Calvary arrives in Port Conway. Because the calvary was near, John Garrett locked Booth and Herold in his tobacco barn. He was scared they would try to steal his horses.
  • Booth is killed

    Booth is killed
    The calvary finds Booth and Herold in the tobacco barn at Garrett's Farm. Herold surrenders to the calvary. The cavary sets the barn on fire but Booth still did not give up. Boston Corbett shoots Booth in the neck. Booth dies from his wounds.