Charlotte Cushman

  • Charlotte was born

    Elkanah and Mary Eliza Cushman became Charlotte's parents in Boston, Massachusett.
  • Susan Cushman was born

  • Period: to

    English tragedian, William Marceady, made his first American tour.

    Charlotte's uncle, Augustus Babbit, took her to the theatre. She saw William Marceady in perfomrnace.
  • The family moved to a bigger Charlestown

  • Charlotte took informal singing lessons from George O. Farmer who had be learning from the best voice teacher in town.

  • Join a choir position at Second Church

  • Visit relatives in New York, falls in love with the theatre there

  • Period: to

    Charlotte performed several time in New Orelans.

    She sang and acted in several roles, but was severely attacked by critics because of her singing. During the proccess, she decided to just act instead of singing. She performed as Lady Macbeth and it was a success.
  • Charlotte's debut as Countess Almaviva in "The Marriage of Figaro" at the Tremont Theatre

  • She mde he debut in New York

  • Charlotte's sister, Susan became an actress and performed along side Charolette.

  • Period: to

    Was Romantically involved with artist, Rosalie Sully

  • Moves to England

  • Performed as Romeo in "Romeo and Juliet" at the Haymarket in London

  • Met Matilda Hays and soon after became romantically involved.

  • Returned to the United States, particularly Philadelphia

  • Left New York for her retirment

  • Went to Rome, Italy

  • She returned to London

    Matilda did not stay with her and went back to Rome.
  • Became romantically involved with scultptor, Emma Stebbins

  • Met Emma Crow

  • Went through breast cancer treatment

  • Charlotte died of pneumonia