Charles Darwin 1809-1882

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  • The Birth of Charles Darwin

    The Birth of Charles Darwin
    Charles Darwin was born on Fabruary 12, 1809 in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England. Darwin was a english naturalist whose scientific theory of natural selection which now is use as fundamentals of all modern evolutionary studies. Nonreligious biology of his works intrigued scientists and with time his works of evolution spread all throughout science, literature, and politics (Desmond).
  • Charles Darwin's Beagle Voyage

    Charles Darwin's Beagle Voyage
    Charles Darwin formulated his theory of evolution privately in the period of his voyage aboard the HMS Beagle, where he toured around the entire world, which came to an end in 1839 (Desmond). During his voyage he made notes of observations he made of many different species in many different geographical areas, once Charles compiled this data he began to theorize the possibility of evolution in private.
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    Darwin Established Credibility in the Study of Species via Barnacles

    Though Darwin discovered immense levels of knowledge during his voyage of the world, his credibility and thus his believability of the general public was subpar to the claim of evolution. He compared the claim of discovering evolution to "committing murder" (Desmond). From 1846-1854 Darwin sprouted expertise in sexual differentiation of barnacles where he noticed from a common hermaphrodite creature they evolved into 2 sexes, making him a world expert, now then he established credibility.
  • On the Origin of Species

    On the Origin of Species
    Even though Charles formulated his theory of evolution in the midst of his voyage around the world, it wasn't till 1859 that Darwin finally expressed an published an all encompassing view of his observations and associated theories now known as evolution (Desmond). These thoughts were conglomerated into the book: On the Origin of Species, it was then that the general public was able to digest and absorb these ideas where it spread like wildfire.
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    To the End of Charles' Life

    From the publishing of Charles' book he revised the book 6 times total offering more irrefutable examples of evolution, within the parameters that he saw fit. Through the whole rest of Charles' life he maintained his studies on species' and remained absent from public debate and rather published his works and sheltered away in his Down Home leaving interpretation to his works (Desmond). Suffering from angina and circulatory issues his life came to an end via stroke on April 19th, 1882.