Charles darwin

Charles Darwin - February 12, 1809 to April 19, 1882

By Kdc1988
  • The Origin of the Man

    Charles Darwin was an English naturalist who live through the 1800s. He was born in Shrewsbury, England in the year 1809. He was born from a father that was a doctor and who hoped Charles would follow in his footsteps. This would not come to pass as Darwin had a hemophobia and became very ill at the sight of blood. He later found a talent in naturalism. His works would lead to the understanding of natural selection and inherit traits that would later be coin as evolution.
  • The Voyage of the HMS Beagle

    Charles Darwin is one of the most well know naturalist in history studying the science of the naturally occurring world that he examined through his expedition around the world. On December 27, 1831, Darwin set out as the assigned naturalist aboard the HMS Beagle from Plymouth, England. The original purpose of the trip was to map much more of the coast off South America in order to for the purpose charting the harbors.
  • Studies Ensue

    On October 2nd of 1836, the HMS Beagle would return form its 5-year voyage. Here Charles would take all his collected samples and specimen to compile his notes to further understand what he had seen. He work along side other scientist such as paleontologists, geologists, and botanists to help understand a few curious details found.
    Through these examinations he noticed changes, some slight and some drastic, within the organic life that he observed.
  • The Origin of Species

    Charlies Darwin continue to examine and study this theory through a various means. He even went so long as to study how farmers would pick the best crops to yield for next season as an example of how this theory works. He would continue he’s studies and work for years to come publishing several different books on his findings. One the more well know his studies was “The Origin of Species” which was published on 24 November of 1859.