Charles Darwin, February 12, 1809 - April 19, 1882

By even965
  • Natural Science

    Natural Science
    Around 1836, Darwin came up with the idea that species change depending on geological location, causing them to mutate and adapt to the environment to survive genetically. Darwin came to this theory by observing birds from the same family with different beaks. He notices that one bird has a sharp, slender beak that helps the animal feed on small insects, while the other has a large ground beak that helps him crack seeds and nuts.
  • The Origin of Species

    The Origin of Species
    In 1859 Darwin published his book “The Origin of Species.” Where he provides argument and evidence and then shows how an organism evolves through time due to its environment or geographic location. Darwin's idea or definition of evaluation is “descent with modification,” His idea brings to the world a new view of how the animal kingdom became what it is today. It is an incredible book that opens many ideas and theories about species origins. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UVx4Z3W6U-Y
  • The Descent of Man

    The Descent of Man
    This book discusses sexual selection, natural law, and the critical process of natural selection in plants and animals. Darwin also explains that humans are not an exception to this sexual selection and natural law since they have evolved and adapted through time due to changes in the environment or lack of resources. With today’s technology, we have confirmed that humans have evolved throughout time, even that we share a common ancestor with other species.
  • The Lacey Act

    The Lacey Act
    Thanks to Darwin’s publication of evolution and how it affects everyone, new laws have come in place to protect species from extinction. The first law to come out was The Lacey Act, the first federal law protecting animals and plants. This law ensures that humans don’t affect the ecosystem and impact any animal or plant to extinction.