Charles Darwin February 12, 1809-April 19, 1882

  • Charles Darwin February 12, 1809

    Charles Darwin February 12, 1809
    Charles was born in Shrewsbury, England to Robert and Susanna (Wedgwood) Darwin. He had 5 siblings Caroline, Erasmus, Marianne, Susan, and Elizabeth. Before going to school he was educated by his older sister Caroline. 1.
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    Early Education of Charles

    During these years Darwin studied at Dr. Butler's great school in Shrewsbury. Darwin recounts in his autobiography that during this time he started taking an interest in the variability of plants. He hated the classics he was forced to study in the Anglican Shrewsbury school. Science was then dehumanizing in public schools and Charles was condemned for his interest in chemistry. 2. In 1825 Charles Darwin was sent to Edinburgh University by his father to study medicine.
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    Charles' Scientific studies among the HMS Beagle.

    Charles Darwin sets sails aboard the HMS Beagle as Capt. Fitz-Roy's gentleman companion after his uncle convinced his father that it would be a good idea for Charles to embark on the voyage. The HMS Beagle is set to be at sea for 5 years. The voyages mission was to survey coastal Patagonia to facilitate British trade. During this time Darwin studied many animals, plants, and fossil's. Eventually leading to his book "On The Origin of Species".
  • Darwin's Transmutation Theory

    In March of 1837 John Gould announced that the birds studied on the HMS Beagle in Galapagos were not different species but were all ground finches unique to their own islands. After discovering this Darwin studied Fitzroys collection and came up with the theory of Transmutation (evolution as we now know it). This theory was labeled as an abomination by the Cambridge clerics so Darwin continued his studies for 2 decades in silence.
  • On The Origin Of Species by Means of Natural Selection

    It was now time for Darwin to rise up in the Scientific community and his book "On The Origins Of Species by Natural Selection" was published. Darwin still feared how his Cambridge patrons would react. However, England had changed since the 1830's when Charles started his studies. Many Scientists adopted his theory, but there was still many that didn't. Even though his theory was radical he was still awarded The Royal Society's Copley Medal for his studies and theory of evolution.