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Charles Darwin 1809-1882

  • Birthdate

    Charles Robert Darwin was born February 12, 1809, in Shrewbury, Shropshire, England. Charles Darwin was an English naturalist whose famous and well known for the scientific theory of evolution by natural selection.
  • Charles Darwin Baptism

    Charles Darwin Baptism
    Charles Robert Darwin was baptized in Anglican St Chads Church in Shrewsbury. reference:
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    Charles Darwin Early Education

    Charles Robert Darwin attended school at the traditional Anglican Shrewsbury School from 1818 to 1825. This began the start of his education with science. He was then sent by his father in 1825 to Edinburg University to study medicine.
  • Charles Darwin Voyage

    Charles Darwin Voyage
  • HMS Beagle Expedition

    HMS Beagle Expedition
    Charles Darwin in 1831 began his expedition on the HMS Beagle where he began to collect specimens of multiple types of species. This was the beginning of the scientific theory into natural selection. Charles Darwin's theory was called "Theory of Evolution" reference:
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  • Charles Darwin Short Video

    Charles Darwin Short Video
  • Charles Darwin Galapagos Island

    Charles Darwin Galapagos Island
    In September 1835, after 4 years of voyaging on the HMS Beagle, Charles Darwin arrives in San Cristobol on the Galapagos Island. This island began his research on Botany, Biology, and Zoology. He began experimenting and researching on giant tortoises, finches, iguanas and other species on the island. He continued to use his theory of evolution.
  • HMS Beagle Voyage End

    On October 2, 1836, Charles Darwin's voyage on the HMS Beagle ends in Falmouth. He began to gather has of his research on the Theory of Evolution and later in the late 1800's became famous and known for Social Darwinism.
  • Darwin introduces Theory of Evolution

    Darwin introduces Theory of Evolution
    Charles Darwin introduced the revolution theory of evolution publicly in a letter at the Linnean Society. He publishes "On the Origins of Species by means of Natural Selection".
  • Charles Darwin's Death

    Charles Darwin's Death
    Charles Robert Darwin died April 19, 1882, where he was then buried at Westminster Abbey