Chapters 5-7

  • Eddic of Nantes

    granted limited toleration to French Protestants
  • Quebec

    Champlain colonizes Quebec for France
  • Lousi XIV

    Louis XIV becomes Kingof France
  • First Navigation Laws

    First NavigationLaws to control colonial commerce
  • La Salle

    la Salle explore sMississippi River to the Gulf of Mexico
  • King William's War

    King William'sWar begins in 1689
  • William and Mary

    College of William and Mary founded
  • Board of Trade

    Board of Trade assumes governance of colonies
  • Yale

    Yale College founded
  • Queen Anne's War

    Queen Anne's War begns in 1702
  • New Orleans

    french foounds New Orleans
  • Smallpox

    Smallpox inoculation introduced
  • Poor Richard's Almanack

    First edition of Franklin's Poor Richard's Almanack
  • Great Awakening

    Jonathan Edwards begins Great Awakening
  • Zenger

    Zenger free-press trial begins in New York
  • George Whitefield

    George Whitefield spreads Great Awakening
  • War of Jenkin's Ear

    war of Jenkin's Ear begins
  • King George's War

    King George's War begins
  • Princeton

    Princeton College founded
  • Washingon

    Washington battles French on Frontier
    Albany Congress
  • Braddock

    Braddock is defeated
  • Seven Year's War

    Seven Year's War begins
  • Pitt

    Pitt emerges as a leader of British government
  • Battle of Quebec

  • South Carolina

    Britain vetoes S. Carolinaanti-slave trade measures
  • 3 major events

    Peace of Paris
    Proclamation of 1763
    Pontiac's uprising
  • Seven Year's War

    Seven Year;s War ends
  • Paxton Boys

    Paxton Boys march on Philadelphia
  • Sugar Act

    Sugar Act is passed
  • 3 major laws

    Quatering Act
    Stamp Act
    Stamp Act Congress
  • Rutgers

    Rutgers College founded
  • Declatory Act

  • Two major events

    Townshend Act
    New York legislsture suspended by Parliament
  • Regulator

    Regulator protests begins and ends in 1771
  • Boston

    British troops occupy Boson
  • Dartmouth

    Dartmouth College founded
  • Two more msjor events

    Boston Massare
    All Townshend Acts except tea tax repealed
  • Committees

    Committees of correspondence formed
  • Britian

    British East India Company granted tea monopoly
    Governor Hutchinson's actions provoke Boston's Tea Party
  • Four major events

    "Intolerable Acts"
    Quebec Act
    First Contnental Congress
    The Asociation boycotts British goods
  • FirstBattle

    Battle of Lexington and Concord