Chapter nine timeline

  • Queen Liliuokalani

    Queen Liliuokalani
    Became leader of Hawaii. her name was Queen Liluokalani. The queen wanted to limit the power of the planters.
  • American Planters

    American Planters
    American Planters were upset so they staged a revolt in January. U.S marines overthrew the queen. After that happened Hawaii asked the U.S to annex them.
  • Benjamin

    President Benjamin Harrison gave his approval.
  • Mickinley

    Willaim Mikinley is elected president.
  • War

    Spanish American war takes place because, they were in Texas and we wanted to own that Southern region.
  • boxer

    Boxer rebellion occurs in China because, of religion, politics and trade this was a 55 day siege. The Boxer Rebellions killed thousands of Christian Chinese.
  • President Mckinley was assassinated

    President Mckinley was assassinated
    Theodore Roosevelt becomes president after Mckinley is assassinated.
  • Panama

    Republic of panama established
  • theodore

    Theodore Roosevelt was elected president.
  • William

    William Howard Taft is elected president after Theodore Roosevelt.
  • Mexican Revolution

    Mexican Revolution
    Mexican Revolution begins because, they had low wages, poor working conditions, inflation and inferior houses. They fought for this because the lower class wnated higher waqges, good working conditions and many other things. This wwent on from 1910-1920.
  • Pearl harbor

    Pearl harbor
    The attack of pearl Harbor. This attack happened because, the Japenise invaded and wanted war.