Changes in Media Technology

  • Jan 1, 1439

    invemtion of the Printing Press

    invemtion of the Printing Press
    The printing press allows the mass production of documents. It allows ideas to spread in the time where most people couldnt read.
  • First Journal

    First Journal
    This was published by scientists and engineers, however only a few of them could read. They allow ideas to be shared and advance science. It was published by Royal Society of London.
  • First Magazine Published

    First Magazine Published
    Technology has improved to allow monthly printing. But their still the majority cant read, But their is a slight increase on the the people who have the ability to read. which was called the Gentlemen's Magazine.
  • The first major newspaper in the UK

    The first major newspaper in the UK
    Technology now allows daily printing. people can find out what happened yesterday and react today, speeding up events. This alos creates reporters. The first major newspaper in the UK was The Times.
  • Telephone Invented

    Telephone Invented
    People can communicate in real time over long distances. The telephone was invented by Alexander graham Bell
  • Home telephone invented

    Home telephone invented
    Allows the public to communicate, but not many of them could afford it.
  • BBC Radio Begins

    BBC Radio Begins
    Millions of peopel bought the first radio, the government. own broadcast. Hitler used the radio during WW2.
  • BBC TV

    BBC TV
    extremely powerful media. Able to share opinions. This new invention openms a new job to tv news reporters. There is twenty four million in the UK.
  • Internet Invented

    Internet Invented
    The internet was invented by the U.S military so that if one base is destroyed they can still communicate.
  • Cabel TV

    Cabel TV
    Allows for trnsmissions, avaible in the UK, hundreds of channels.
  • Mobile Phone

    Mobile Phone
    The first mobile phone cost around £200. It was mainly a business phone which you place in your briefcase. This was invented by Dr Martin Cooper head of Motorola
  • Sky- Satelite TV

    Sky- Satelite TV
    Very hit tech, allows foreven more chnnels. Live action also included in the sky package i.e news reporters reporting live form the scene. This was created by James Murdoch head of bskyb
  • First text message sent

    First text message sent
    The most popular form of instant communication. One billion sent per week.
  • Web 1.0

    Web 1.0
    Basic internet, the only things ypou could do is search for information and buy things.
  • 3G mobile

    3G mobile
    This mobile allows you send images, film and make recordings. The first third generation phone was created in japan by a company called NTT DoCoMo
  • Web 2.0

    Web 2.0
    By now the internet has started to become social networking which means talking to people over the internet, the likes of Myspace who was created by Tom Anderson and Chris Dewolfe and Bebo.
  • 4G mobile

    4G mobile
    The four generation phone high speed internet access on the phone. The first 4G phone was HTC Evo.
  • Web 3.0

    Web 3.0
    Now the Internet has begun to become more of a tool that finds and arranges things on your behalf. The app on the phone is called clouds, if you ask it question it will give an answer immediately as long as you speak clearly.