CFederico Holocaust

  • Germany's failure in WWI

    Gemany was forced to pay $57 trillion for damages that were caused by WWI. Anger grew across their nation and everyone was desperate to find a cure for Germany's falling economy. A man named Hitler found it easy for them to blame the Jewish people for their defeat in the world war and all of Germany's problems.
  • Mein Kampf

    Hitler was sent to jail for attempting to overthrow the government. While serving his time, he wrote an autobiography called "Mein Kampf". His autobiography told about his relious beliefes and his racial opinions.
  • Hitler gains Power

    The Nazis become Germanys largest political party. Hitler was later appointed chancellor of Germany.
  • Concentration camps

    Hitler takes away all rights of Jewish people. The first concentration camp was made in Dachau, Germany. Nine more were built within the same year
  • Anti-Jewish laws

    Jewish people were all banned from having any part or position in society. They were fired from their jobs, banned from schools and universities, and any book written by a Jewish person was to be burned.
  • Escaping Germany

    Attacks on Jewish people and their homes intensifies and more of them look for safety, or a way out. Jewish people tried to flee westward, to the United States, France, and Britain, but nobody wanted to allow the large amounts of Jewish immigrants in their country.
  • WWII begins

    Germany invades Poland and WWII offiially begins. Jewish people were forced to live in overcrowded neighborhoods.250,000 Polish Jews were killed and 200,000 people who were mentally ill, homosexual, foreign, or elderly were also killed.
  • Massive killing of the Jewish

    Germany has invaded a good amount of countries, and is now going into war with the United States. Jewish people are to be killed in forms of "death squad", which is, the Jewish people being lined up in front of a ditch, stripped from clothes and belongings, and shot.
  • The "Final Solution"

    Hitler comes up with a "Final Solution" that will get rid of all Jewish people for once and for all. They decided to kill jewish people in gas chambers because it was a faster and less expensive process. 1.6 million Jewish people were killed.
  • Ending to Holocaust

    The United States and their allies found out about the mass killing of Jewish people that Hitler was responsible for. Hitler knew that it was just a matter of time before he was stopped and punished for what he did. He commanded the Nazis to pick up the pace of the killings, so that they can they an get rid of as many Jewish people as they could before they were stopped. On April 30, Hitler commited suicide before he was caught and punished for his crimes.